Badminton Stringing? Why we do it?

Badminton Stringing services? Do you think our local stringing standard is that so good? Honestly no. 

All along in we are at “outdated” mindset, we will only think about what “string type” is good to use, but not stringing quality, stringing pattern, stringing method, stringing technique, proper stringer, understanding of the player.

Why we only do Proper Stringing?

How important is proper stringing? quote an example, both badminton rackets are using the same string and tension, let’s say Yonex BG66 Ultimax and 26lbs, but strung by different stringer.

In the end, the player can feel one racket the stringing hitting sound is solid than the other one after his game. Can you guess the one he feels good about is strung by? Certified Stringer.

More than just Badminton Stringing

We doing badminton stringing not just to earn that few dollars of stringing fees. Is a passion, why? How much can stringing earn? each racket need 40 minutes to just only earn $8. Is this a business? No, this is a services, is a passion.

Why? Even we string for 50 years, we don’t think we can be a rich man, millionaire. This is our passion, please respect each other, don’t feel that we need to earn money, not interested at all.

We have to change our mindset, don’t always feel that price is everything, badminton stringing is just only a few dollars thing, not everyday need. Treat yourself better, you can play better. 

Be a Knowledgeable Player

Good knowledge player not meaning that you must have a good skills. At least, you know more than just “anyhow” people who always pretend know everything.

Feel Better with Proper Stringing

Everytime when you brought a thing pay for quality, you feel happy, badminton stringing is the same thing, can make you feel better in court.

More Consistent Play

If you are more than just a leisure player, proper stringing is suit you the most, this to help you play better and more consistent for every shot.