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Herewith VBS 68 badminton string review ;

Victor VBS-68 badminton string is suitable for “Control” type player. This VBS 68 string surface coating is different compare to Yonex BG80 although their gauge thickness is the at 0.68mm.  BG80 badminton string you probably string at 26lbs and you feel that the string bed are stiff, more to hard feeling.

But VBS-68 probably is stiff, but you can feel that is softer compare to BG80 and the sound is solid as BG80.

Review from Eric :  Durability is good when restring at 26 – 28 lbs, the good thing is the string can feel not too stiff for me. Sometime 0.68mm thickness you can feel the string is comfortable to use. The string lifetime is durable compare to Yonex BG80.

However below are Victor VBS 68 badminton stringing experiment DT test at 28lbs.

First day : 52 – 56 DT

Second day : 49 to 53 DT

Third day : 47 to 46 DT


This VBS-68 badminton string normally suitable for player who have enough body strength. Mean that the player should have proper training, why? Because without good body strength and proper skills the string will not help them to increase more power for their shot. Example if Victor VBS-63 using by a beginner level player, the player might feel difficult return the shot to baseline even string at low tension.

If this string used by beginner it will only become a “durable” string. But it will not help the player increase power of their shot. So far most of the badminton player we meet, for beginner normally they will feel much more comfortable with thinner string like VBS-63 instead VBS-68. So when we perform badminton restringing for our client, we will always try to figure their current player level.

Because if don’t do this, let’s say if the racket owner is a beginner, he will feel that why he choose the string with expensive cost but still not good. This is because they not yet to know what string is suitable for them. Even we can see some of the adult player, racket is using like Astrox 99 or 88D but they don’t even know what string are suit them for restring.

VBS-68 Badminton Stringing Services Jurong Singapore
Victor VBS-68 Badminton Stringing Jurong Singapore


Badminton stringing although it looks easy, but if you really spent effort look into it. You will find a lot of detail to help the racket owner or we call player. To others maybe they thinking of to do a badminton stringing services you just need to buy a stringing machine and start to serve customer, NO. If all the badminton stringing services provider in Singapore thinking of this way. All the player will be the same, be a badminton player if have money, they brought a expensive racket and they become the good player.

Badminton stringing and badminton coaching is the same concept, if you are without proper basic stringing knowledge, you will not able to help your clients or member. Same as coaching, if you are a badminton coach and you don’t understand the meaning behind of footwork and proper swing racket, you just only know blindly to feed the shuttlecock to your students. He will not improve at all, and he will only gain tons or bad habit spoil their future.

In badminton stringing service if you have money you can open a shop. But not meaning that you will have good knowledge in badminton. If you only know basic of stringing, certification or you know how to filled the string when the customer need the services. You only able to serve beginner player, and the beginner player hopefully he will not improve their level, once if he is lift up his playing standard, he will leave you too because he know you not done the proper work of badminton stringing services.



Gauge : 0.68mm

Repulsion = 8
Durability = 8
Control = 9
Hitting Sound = 7

The high-tenacity “Vectran” fiber is spun with a special flat yarn to enable a crisp handling feel which is especially suitable for players pursuing high performance in speed and control.

Made in Japan

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Badminton Stringing Cost – $17 ( String + Labour ) Nett 

Frequently Questioned Answers

1.Lead Time (How long it would take ?)  Answer : Normally 1 hour for 1 racket only if booked in advance. For lead time do let our stringer know when you will be coming so that he can estimate the time.

1.1 You can use Online Appointment or Contact our stringer to double check. 

2.Same day collection? Answer : Yes, Check with Certified Stringer Schedule Availability

3.What should i provide before i send my badminton racquet?

Please provide

i) Your Name

ii) Prefer String Model (eg, Yonex BG65TI, white)

iii) Prefer Tension (eg, 22,24,26,28lbs)

4.Where is your location? Answer : Check on google “ERR Badminton or Click here

5. When can i send my racket? Please check with the stringer before send. Contact here

6. How much ? What color do you have ? Please refer the whole String List here for your reference.