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badminton stringing machine badminton restring ERR
Badminton Stringing Machine  – Tension System Calibration for Yonex Protech 8 Computer Machine

Badminton stringing machine is one of the most priority part to ensure your badminton stringing quality.


We send ERR badminton stringing machine tension system are calibrated traceable to National and International standard. Also calibration laboratory are qualified in ISO/IEC 17025 accredited.


Why? Although is digital stringing machine but we not able to ensure the accuracy always is there. This is to prevent the tension are accurate within specification for national competitive player ensure the have the same feel on racket.


Hence, the calibration range are select common badminton stringing tension which is 24 , 26 , 28 , 30 , 32lbs. We have to ensure our stringing machine are good in accuracy so our calibration frequency are 6 monthly.

Calibration Certificate for Tension System Yonex Protech 8 

To put it differently ERR decided to send this machine every 6 monthly due to usually we used to string for national player and higher level player.


This to ensure ERR member tension are string with original tension and same professional badminton stringing standard.


Our certified stringer every morning will perform cleaning, tension check and Yonex Computer auto calibration for 10 minutes before start stringing.


Aside of this the stringer also perform the clamp cleaning and our room is control in temperature 20+/- 1 Deg °C and humidity 30 – 70{e119b7cd00a682612db14963c057f206ed47d42fa097a5265f5083c442d560a0} R.H. before start. This to ensure the string stringing machine are in good working condition.



The Yonex Protech 8 computer stringing machine are one of the world best accurate machine. But ERR are still maintain the same procedure which will send our machine every 6 monthly for calibration. Download full calibration certificate of our stringing machine.

calibration certificate yonex protech 8 digital stringing machine
Clamp tools Set Badminton Stringing Calibration

Clamp of the stringing machine set are one of the important thing that can effect the racket restring output performance.


Badminton stringing clamp used to secure the string after pull tension from the tension head.


When the clamp after sometime it will become loosen or too tight. After daily cleaning we decided to send for calibration on yearly basis.


If the clamp over loosen mean the pulled tension will not able to secure due to tension keep loosing and it will effect the output of racket restringing.


If the badminton stringing clamp too tight it will hurt the string and effect durability of the nylon string.


This calibration is to make sure the string thickness not hurting the string which is just nice clamp on the string but not damage string quality.


Also ensure the clamp is secure the string with lowest damage of inner and outer nylon string to extend the durability of string.

Calibration Certificate for String System Clamp Yonex Protech 8

To put it differently the string system are work perfectly after calibration .


ERR have existing regular player we are in national team and ex national player. This is the reason why we are focus on the quality of badminton restring and machine quality.


Why we send for calibration ? Clamp tools is one of the important thing that even we brought the world no.1 stringing machine from Yonex.


But we do not know when the clamp are going faulty or not accurate. So this is one of the good way to ensure our tools and machine are in good performance.


ERR set the clamp tools calibration at from 0.55 to 0.69mm which is the gauge using in badminton racket restring.


Like the newest the world thinnest badminton string Kizuna Z58 premium we believe the thinner string will be coming soon so we apply 0.55mm with this time calibration in 2018.


Download full calibration certificate of our Yonex Clamp String System.

bdminton restringing err machine qualification
Our Yonex Protech 8 Stringing Machine Description

Yonex Protech 8  Stringing Machine is a state of the art electronic stringing machine, manufactured in Japan. Protech 8 is used exclusively by the Yonex International Stringing Team and trusted by tournament professionals.


Delivering world class reliability and multi-voltage performance, this machine can be relied upon for accurate stringing operations.


The Protech 8 delivers more accuracy and better usability. Using the touch screen, the Diablo can facilitate string tensioning to be control to within 0.5 pounds. This makes it possible to provide the best care appropriate to a player’s requirements.


In addition, the position of the mounting area makes it possible to string more than 30,000 racquets due to the better mechanics.


The new tilting mechanism allows the machine turntable to be adjustable for stringer comfort with the angle able to be easily change between 0 and 15 degrees. There is a smooth action integrate clamp base rail.


An ultra-secure six point mounting system takes all racquet frames. There are three separate tension activation switches. One touch quick release clamp bases provide extreme convenience for the stringer.


A larger work tray for extra tools and lightweight aluminium string clamps are also features which have a non-slip coating.


A premium tool kit is include with the Yonex Protech 8 Stringing Machine.