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Racket Restring Service ERR Singapore West
Racket Restringing ERR 2007 2012 history
About Us | Racket Restring ERR (SG) | Singapore  

Racket Restring ERR mainly is located in west of Singapore. The founder of ERR Mr.Eric Chuar from 2007 until today have stringed more than 13,500 badminton racket in Singapore.


From the beginning Mr.Eric decided step into racket restring due to his student are complaining always need to send racket to Queensway Shopping centre took longer time and costly.


So after his consideration due to he want his student not to spend too much money on restring. He decided brought a stringing machine in 2007 and that time the newest stringing machine is Fleet Manual machine.


So all along he provided Non Charge racket restring services for his academy student until today 2018.  As Mr.Eric is one of the certified badminton coach Singapore located in West.

2012 Racket Restring  implement to Electronic Tension Head Wise 2086 

In beginning of 2012 we have started to changed electronic stringing head due to the racket restring technology are implemented into few priority method.


Firstly in 2012 the racket stringing technology implemented 6 point mounting frame system which is our old manual machine without this.


Secondly is the stringing process the old machine without quick adjustable poles and aluminium automatic brake.


Third is manual tension head is not accurate with high tension. As he usually  do stringing for high playing level of player.


This all feature are priority which mounting frame able to protect more on his student frame away from cracked.


Automatic brake to save the stringing lead time as Mr.Eric is very busy on his badminton coaching planning.


So he decided to implemented new electronic stringing machine with above 3 features.

racket restringing service singapore 2012 to 2017 Singapore
Badminton stringing Eric Chuar ERR 2018
2018  | Yonex Badminton Racket Singapore | Certified Stringer 

Mr.Eric started to learn restringing after brought a manual restringing machine. Until today using the electronic stringing machine Yonex Protech 8 World No.1 Stringing Machinein 2017 for national and international player.


Technique and knowledge of racket restring pattern learn from Yonex, Victor, Gosen haribito basic and professional , Forten and Lining pattern he able to handed.


All this pattern Mr.Eric are experiences and able to play around with the stringing style to cover his student needs.


Every stringing pattern have different benefit example to let the string tension focus on the each part pf frame. Mr. Eric also certified stringer USRSA by CRSF for badminton and tennis.


His master Mr.Xie is one of the famous tester in Taiwan and China more than 20 years of stringing experience with USRSA.

Professional Racket Re Stringing |  Tested & Recognize by Stringing Faderation

Eric said “The main priority of the racket restring still depending on the foundation and technique.


We strictly banned for careless and time rushing restring for our customer since 2007.


Our career in badminton restring is not about how fast you can completed resting. 1 hour or 2 hours ,if wanted to complete a perfect racket restring we will use our heart to string.


And the racket owner will feel your effort when they check on their racket after done. They can find your restringing skill when they use their racket on court.


After 11 years of stringing experience, we can aware earlier on every tricky stringing part before the problem happen to prevent the string not expand equally.

Racket Restring ERR Singapore Jurong
Certified Stringer Badminton Restring Singapore Eric Chuar
Racket Restring | Badminton Restring Hobbies | Singapore  

Due to Mr.Eric main career is one of the certified badminton coach in Singapore for the past 11 years.


He love badminton much so anything related to badminton he would be very interesting to learn and update his personal knowledge and experiences.


Just nice racket restring is linked to badminton games. So this is why we able to keep move on from 2007 until today with our current ERR member.


He use his half of his entire life to enjoy badminton knowledge. Badminton restring although only part of badminton ,but he never stop to find and gain latest restring experience.


All the knowledge he learnt will help our ERR member to get more higher standard professional badminton restring services. This is the reason why our racket restring services keep moving on until today.


He always mention that racket restring is not an business to him , is a hobbies that to make him more confident and more happy.

Certified Racket Restring |  Badminton Restring by Eric Chuar

Our certified stringer Eric Chuar said “We spent our time to customer ,do the proper restring , they will understand our effort ,don’t think about money.


Our badminton restring focus on the perfect of restringing on every badminton racket. We aim for highest standard racket restring services for all our ERR member since 2012 with no excuses.


Racket restring is not an business to ERR ,is one of the service that helping all the badminton lover in everywhere no matter in Singapore ,Malaysia any country.


Racket restring knowledge are forever never end. Since 2012 to 2018 ERR follow and learn and keep upgrade never stop.


Until today no matter in stringing skill , certification , badminton skill and knowledge , stringing machine ,stringing tools all are keep moving until highest standard with no excuses.

Racket Restring Singapore Jurong ERR
Badminton Restring ERR history
Machine Verification | Stringing Certification | Singapore  

Although ERR using the world accurate stringing machine from Japan in 2017.


But still set the rules of regulation are strictly send the machine for testing ensure result is passed calibration Half  Yearly on Yonex tension head and Yearly for stringing clamp.


This practice is since day after changing electronic machine. We done this is to aware of out of accuracy cases.


We still using the tension calibrator to test daily before start stringing.


But to more transparent we decided send the stringing machine to more professional specialist accredited laboratory for the testing.


Racket Restring is not about certification to be professional racket technician. Stringing racket experience is built by time with train and practice hard since 2017 until today.