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By ERR Badminton Stringing

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Common question before stringing

Check our stringing cost from our string list at:

Take note that all the costs are included everything in stringing, net.

If you are not a member, the answer is no, as member registration will need to take at least 1 working day to approve. If you are a member which means the account is approved as a “leisure player” role, yes. You can check our stringing slot today for availability and book from our ERR Stringing System at:

The account approval normally will take less than a working day from our third-party IT.

If no slot means full. However, you can book the “Express Services” button for urgent stringing. Take note there will be an additional $5 per racket for express services Only for CPS level members, not leisure players.

You can register your account with us as a “leisure player” role and check our stringing slot today for availability and book from our ERR Stringing System at:

or click the “BOOK” button on the top right of the website.

The account approval normally will take less than one working day to review from our third-party IT.

No walk-in are available without an appointment in this Covid-19 period regardless of any reason. As we need your contact detail for trace in case anything happens.

The casual stringing way will be 30 minutes per racket. Generally suitable for the casual player

Professional badminton stringing will be 1 hour per racket. Generally suitable for the competitive player

Our Certified Stringer will inform the owner once the racket stringing is completed earlier timing is ready for collection.

ERR badminton restring located at :

273A Jurong West Ave 3, Singapore 641273

Herewith google map link:

No. As for now, we have already tons of good members using the system, we need to maintain the system and existing members to make sure all the stringing are done perfectly without effected by a newcomer. So if you really need a good stringing, kindly book an appointment from the system, get the slot and let me do the stringing professionally for you.

To apply or book:

or click the “BOOK” button on the top right of the website.

Yes, but you must book an appointment in advance from our stringing appointment system. Remember to select the “On the spot” option at step 5.

Book at :

or click the “BOOK” button on the top right of the website.

Yes, but you need to inform our stringer at least 1 day before coming with a date and time to send over the racket so that he is able to check and plan. Otherwise will not be entertained as our stringer already have their proper schedule to carry on.

Probably is full, but you can still check slot availability from our ERR online stringing system.

Even old members we follow the same, If no slot means full, they cannot send without an appointment, we only follow the system, to protect all the booked appointments players are able to get tip-top quality instead of rushing “low standard” stringing quality because of earning that few dollars money.

Yes, our stringing services will be carried on by Mr.Eric Chuar, aside from being Certified Badminton Coach leading ST Badminton Academy, he also holds Master Racquet Technician (MRT), Certified Stringer (CS) and, Certified badminton stringer (CBS) qualification.

No discount will be given if you have even 80 or 800pcs pcs racket need to be done for properly certified stringing.

As we are running proper badminton stringing services, not anyhow pulling fast stringing in 20 minutes complete a racket take money those type standard. Proper Stringing the intention is not fast stringing but focusing on Quality, so honestly is very time-consuming and importantly the quality is perfect can feel it in the court. So proper stringing will take a long time can 30-40 minutes depending on the situation to complete a racket in order to get a solid hitting sound.

This proper badminton stringing service for the professional, national players, competitive players, and casual players, beginner are welcome, but, we will give suitable advice when needed, as some of the beginner players, never train or play before, but come and require 28lbs and 30 lbs, anyhow. We have implemented 2 stringing options in July 2021.

No. We are not providing collection and delivery of racket.

Yes, you only can buy direct from our online Shopee shop page. 

Please take note that we do not accept any walk-in buy grip.

Our Shopee link

No, we only provide when the player booked a stringing appointment along with the grip replacement.

Please take note that we do not accept any walk-in for grip replacement services

No, the sound is nice just “for a short moment” prestretch can be good, also can be harm your racket caused the racket grommets and frame sink in badly. So we will use our way done according to our certified stringing method with private tension calculation, this can be better than machine pre-stretching to ensure the string tension drop slower.

Note: If you are a current national player or sports school athlete, we have our specialist stringing method to fulfill your need to prevent tension drop and increase control level. 

We will be using 2 knots as the default proper badminton stringing method. Normally those who wanted 4 knots is watched too much online video, “no knowledge at all” so they believe 4 knots is better, this is layman’s words.

However, we are able to do 4 knots for Hybrid stringing like Yonex BG Aerobite, the best is 2 knots which we have more than 1000 customers who love our Certified Badminton Stringing.

No, as our Certified Stringer will follow the stringing system schedule, this is to ensure the stringing schedule goes smoothly. Also, protect players who booked appointments their stringing quality can remain in perfect condition.

So we will strictly block those who do not book or ask to leave their racket collect another day without an appointment. Why? We also wish to earn money, but we don’t do something like because of that few dollars of stringing then anyhow string take the money. In this mindset, we potentially are poor men for our entire life, but at least we don’t cheat anyone because of that few dollars money.

Our ERR stringing appointment system is helping all good players to have a much easier way to book stringing with digitalizing following the Singapore current trend. You can book the convenient time slot online and come accordingly. Help you reduce rework and unproductive labor, for example repeating asking available slots in WhatsApp.

Also, we will strictly protect your booked time and block someone who wanted to come without an appointment. This is why our 1000 members stay with us and never do any bad quality stringing even a single case.

No, as next to you there might be someone coming for stringing, this will crash the schedule, and the stringing quality will not be good as usual. If you have a few rackets booked on at same day or a different day need to pass our stringer in one shot, this is acceptable. (All rackets must have appointment number) The best way is to choose the right quantity of amount when making a booking in the system and get the perfect stringing.

We know but still, there is someone thick skin asked, sometimes we just choose to keep quiet and do the stringing with our stringer personal time. So some members with us for so many years, we never slot them in our member list for the lucky draw for racket, 20 times free stringing using system draw since 2018, 2019, 2020, and 2021 and special coupon discount. The answer is, you make yourself convenient is right, but at the same time, you are struggling with someone who helps you do the perfect stringing.

Apply an account online, usually, it takes less than 1 working day time to get approval if without any bad record previously. Herewith is the link

Within 1 working day, this will be done by third-party IT.

Your account will be revoked.