Badminton Stringing Frequently Questioned Answers
Q : How long to complete restring my racket ? (Badminton Stringing)

Answer :  Need to know your exact timing so that we can estimate the time, normally 1 racket is about 1 hour only ( Must be book in advance, suddenly pop up might not be able to complete on the spot. If good that check with our stringer to let them have more time to do the proper stringing for your racket.

Q : Collect Within 1-5 hours ? (Badminton Stringing)

Answer : Yes Available. Please book in advance at least 1-2 days before sending your badminton racket to us.

Q : Same day restring available ?

Answer: Yes Available, please inform us at least 1 day in advance. Please check with our badminton stringer for your appointment.


Note : Without notice will be rejected due to ERR have more than 300 intermediate level members to serve every months.

Racket Restring Certified Stringer SingaporeBadminton Restring Singapore Eric Chuar
Eric Chuar_Certified Badminton Restringer Singapore Jurong
Q : Where to choose available string ? What String you have ?

Answer: You can find available string and color by click the photo or the link following below.

Q : How much for stringing cost ?

Answer: You can find the stringing cost on the same link.

Q : May i know if the eg. Yonex BG68TI suitable for me ?

Answer: We have tested and reviewed by our user you may check the review page on menu button “String Review”.

Q : May i know the string cost is it including everything ?

Answer: Yes the string cost on below link is included labor charge and string nett.

Q : What information should provide before send my racket ?

Answer:  As usual badminton racket owner should provide as per photo attached are refer following below

1 ) Your Name


2 ) String Model


3 ) Tension



Example : “Hi My name is Kelvin Ng , I want String my racket with Kizuna Z63P , Tension 25lbs.”

Racket Restring Singapore Eric Chuar Jurong 07
Where is your location ? Where to Meet ?

Answer:  Kindly refer to attached Google map or following below



ERR Racket Restring 273A Jurong West Ave 3 Singapore 641273

When can i send my racket ?

Answer:  Please check with our stringer of slot availability before sending racket your racket to cut down waiting time. You can book appoinment via WhatsApp.

Q: Is good keep racket in Plastic Cover after Restring?

Answer: Yes. Is a good practice which string
tension drop slower.

Generally call “loosing” tension,
technically called string oxidizing.


Tested ? Yes. We have tested 7 days
both racket after racket restring with same tension one racket place without plastic and one covered with plastic bag.


Without Plastic Cover
DT dropped 7-9 DT Repeated Test


Keep in Plastic Bag
DT dropped 3-5 DT Repeated Test


We strongly advise when not playing
keep racket into plastic bag.


And prevent racket from scratches.

Racket Restring ERR Jurong Singapore
Badminton Stringing Over Tension Policy 
Badminton Restringing Singapore ERR Policy

1 ) Photo attached above are mentioned ERR badminton stringing not recommended user request tension higher than manufacturer  maximum specific tension. (eg. 22-26lbs) Maximum only 26lbs.


2 ) If the user insist to over string tension on the racket , ERR will follow request but will Not Responsible if the racket frame broken or crack after stringed.

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