Professional Stringing FAQ

Our professional stringing FAQ has covered almost 100% of the inquiries from new or existing members for the past 16 years. Kindly refer to all the common frequently asked questions before making an inquiry to increase the rate of successful member approvals.

1. How much do you charge for certified badminton stringing?

Please check the cost of our stringing services from our string list at:

All fees are included in the stringer’s handy craft fees and the cost of the string, so there are no extra charges.

2. Can I get my racquet strung today?

If you are not a member, the answer is no, as it takes at least one working day to approve member registration. However, if you are a member with an approved “leisure member” role, then yes, you can book a stringing slot today. Please check our ERR Stringing System for availability and to make a booking.

Account approval typically takes less than a working day through our third-party IT.

If no slots are available, it means that we are fully booked. However, you can use the ‘Express Services‘ button to request urgent stringing for an additional fee of $5 per racket. Please note that this service is only available for CPS level members and not leisure players.

3. When will you be available for stringing?

You can register your account with us as a ‘leisure player‘ and check for stringing slot availability today using our ERR Stringing System at:

Alternatively, you can click on the ‘BOOK‘ button located on the top right of our website.

Normally, account approvals take less than one working day to review through our third-party IT.

4. Can I walk in without an appointment?

Please note that we do not accept walk-in appointments for stringing. All stringing services must be booked in advance through our online booking system.

5. How long does it take to string one racket?

The casual stringing method takes approximately 30 minutes per racket and is generally suitable for casual players. Professional badminton stringing, on the other hand, takes about 1 hour per racket and is generally suitable for competitive players. Our certified stringer will inform the owner when the racket stringing is completed, and early pickups will be available upon completion.

6. May I know where your location is?

ERR Badminton Restring is located at :

273A Jurong West Ave 3, Singapore 641273

7. Can you provide urgent stringing services without requiring a prior appointment?

Unfortunately, we do not provide urgent stringing services without a prior appointment. We have many existing members who use our system, and we want to ensure that all stringing is done perfectly without being affected by a newcomer. If you need professional stringing, we kindly ask that you book an appointment through our system, reserve a slot, and allow us to provide you with high-quality stringing services.

or click the “BOOK” button on the top right of the website.

8. Can I send and collect my racket on the same day, even on the spot?

Yes, but you must book an appointment in advance using our stringing appointment system. Remember to select the ‘On the spot’ option at step 5.

or click the “BOOK” button on the top right of the website.

9. Can I drop off my racket to you and collect it another day?

Yes, but you need to inform our stringer at least one day in advance with a specific date and time for sending over the racket so that they can check and plan accordingly. Otherwise, we cannot accommodate your request, as our stringer already has a set schedule to adhere to.

10. I didn’t schedule an appointment for today, but is it possible to have my racket restrung and collect it on the same day?

It’s possible that all slots are full, but you can still check the availability of slots from our ERR online stringing system. We follow the same policy for all our members, old or new. If there are no available slots, it means we are fully booked, and we cannot accept your request without an appointment. We follow the system to ensure that all players with booked appointments receive the best quality stringing service, without any compromise in quality due to rushing the job for a few extra dollars.

11. Do you have a certification in badminton stringing?

Yes, our stringing services are carried out by Mr. Eric Chuar. In addition to being a certified Badminton Coach who leads the ST Badminton Academy, he also holds multiple certifications, including Master Racquet Technician (MRT), Certified Stringer (CS), Professional Racquet Advisor (PRA), and Certified Badminton Stringer (CBS) qualifications from two different countries, namely the USRSA and CRSF.

12. Is it possible to receive a greater discount if I have multiple rackets for stringing?

No discounts will be given, even if you have multiple rackets that require restringing services. We provide professional badminton stringing services, which means we do not rush the process and complete a racket in 20 minutes just to make money.

Our focus is on quality stringing that takes time and ensures a perfect hitting sound on the court. Proper stringing can take 30-40 minutes to complete a racket, depending on the situation. So, if you want the best quality, it will take some time.

13. What level of player is this stringing service suitable for?

Our professional badminton stringing service is suitable for professional, national, and competitive players, as well as casual players and beginners.

However, we will provide suitable advice when needed, as some beginner players may never have trained or played before, but may request high stringing tensions such as 28lbs or 30lbs. We have implemented two new stringing options as of July 2021.

14. Do you provide collection and delivery?

No, we do not provide collection and delivery of rackets.

15. Do you sell badminton grip?

Yes, you can only buy them directly from our Shopee shop page. Please note that we do not accept any walk-in purchases of grips.

16. Do you do only grip replacement services?

Yes, but this service is only available to members who have booked an appointment for stringing services. We do not provide grip replacement services on their own.

17. Do you offer pre-stretching services?

No, while pre-stretching can produce a nice sound and be beneficial for a short time, it can also cause harm to your racket by sinking in the grommets and frame.

Instead, we use our certified stringing method with private tension calculation, which can be better than machine pre-stretching to ensure that the string tension drops slower. Please note that if you are a current national player or a sports school athlete, we have a specialist stringing method available to fulfill your needs and prevent tension drop while increasing your control level.

18. Do you offer 2 knots or 4 knots stringing patterns?

Our default and proper badminton stringing method is using 2 knots. Those who request 4 knots may have watched too many online videos and may not have proper knowledge, as 4 knots are not necessarily better.

However, we can provide 4 knots for hybrid stringing such as Yonex BG Aerobite. Nonetheless, our Certified Badminton Stringing method with 2 knots is preferred by more than 2000 of our members.

19. Can I use WhatsApp to text the stringer to ask for an available slot and book directly?

No, all appointments must be made using our booking system. We require this to ensure that we provide the highest quality of stringing services and good arrangement for all our customers.

Random WhatsApp messages asking the same question can be unproductive and can affect our stringer’s ability to do their job properly.

20. What is the purpose of using our ERR stringing appointment system?

Our system helps all good players have an easier way to book stringing appointments by digitalizing the process, following the current trend in Singapore. You can conveniently book a time slot online and come accordingly. This reduces rework and unproductive labor, such as repeatedly asking for available slots on WhatsApp.

Additionally, we strictly protect your booked time and block anyone who tries to come without an appointment. That’s why our 2000 members stay with us and we’ve never had a single case of bad quality stringing.

21. If you have booked an appointment for one racket, can you pass two or more rackets for stringing when you meet the stringer?

If you have booked an appointment for one racket, you cannot pass two or more rackets for stringing when you meet the stringer. This is because there might be someone else coming for stringing next to you, which could disrupt the schedule and compromise the quality of the stringing.

However, if you have multiple rackets booked on the same day or on different days, you can pass them all to our stringer in one shot. All rackets must have an appointment number. The best way to ensure perfect stringing is to choose the right quantity when making a booking in the system.

22. How can I start my stringing with ERR?

You can apply for an account online. Usually, it takes less than one working day to get approval if you don’t have any bad record previously. Here’s the link:

23. After registering, how long does it take to get my account approved?

It usually takes less than one working day, and this will be done by a third-party IT team.

24. What happens if I book an appointment but do not show up?

In this case, your account will be revoked.