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Prokennex Badminton Overgrip T903 in Singapore

By ERR Badminton Stringing

Pro Kennex Badminton overgrip is one of the famous overgrip that from Prokennex USA. The badminton overgrip suitable for player who prefer thin grip but tacky feel.
Pro Kennex Badminton Overgrip badminton Overgrip


Pro Kennex badminton overgrip for badminton player who are in high competitive player.

The badminton overgrip with new material can fully secure your palm control better skill in your badminton game.

Most of the higher level badminton player prefer using overgrip is due to usually they not remove the original grip to maintain the thickness at the same time wrap the Pro Kennex overgrip on surface.

Some of the player don’t prefer thicker grip due to the grip size will be difficult for them to control the skill in games.

Badminton Overgrip Prokennex Badminton Grip Tape Singapore


With new technology Prokennex badminton overgrip in dry fast cushion help player extend the grip usage which last longer.

Moreover Pro kennex badminton overgrip customize for player who love tacky feel and full secure on your finger to get better control in your games.

The Pro Kennex Badminton overgrip can cover player who are in high demand of changing badminton grip ,the new fast dry technology able to help all the player save their money in their badminton career.

The overgrip can help player who love thinny feel in palm ,most of the player love overgrip including Yonex AC102.

The badminton overgrip can effect your game if the quality not well done and also the grip is not anti slip.

Tacky Overgrip Badminton Overgrip - Pro kennex Singapore


For leisure badminton grip they love to use overgrip and it will not too difficult to wrap and hurt the original grip handle.

The benefit of Pro Kennex badminton overgrip is the quality is much more higher which more tacky and wet feels to ensure all the badminton player enjoy on their game securely.

Most of the badminton overgrip lifetime maximum 3-4 time of 2 hours game and have to change. Which the overgrip became dirty , slippy and smelly especially for competitive player.

Pro Kennex Badminton overgrip can at least for 6-8 times compare to other overgrip after tested.

But karakal this brand as known it from England, the quality are qualified as world no.1 badminton grip. When after using Karakal grip when we try on other brand of grip will definitely find the different.

The special thing on the Karakal Overgrip Point 75 Air is the SRF Surface and the breathable surface.

badminton-stringing-jurong-map-by-err-badminton-stringing-2020 SG


Brand : Prokennex Thick & Tacky Badminton Over Grip

Model : T903

Description : Thick & good cushioning, softer & tacky feel on grip

Suitable For : Leisure, Professional, Competitive ,High Level Player

Colour : Dark Purple , Bright Orange, White, Citrus Yellow, Wine Red, Deep Blue, Powder Pink, Cool Black

Width : 25mm

Length : 1200mm

Thickness : 0.72mm

Material : Polyurethane ( Ultra Soft & Tacky )

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