Pro Kennex Badminton Grip Singapore
Pro Kennex PU Grip Badminton Grip PU 330
Pro Kennex Badminton Grip| Pro Kennex PU 330 | Singapore

Pro Kennex Badminton grip as known as one of the best soft and comfortable grip using in badminton for all the competitive players.


The Pro Kennex PU 330 badminton grip come with cushion on surface and tattoo design.


In addition the thickness 1.10mm is just nice to covered player sweaty palm ,small and bigger size palm.


Review from Eric :  This PU badminton grip can at least last for 1 months for my daily coaching about 4-6 hours a day,feel is great when performing control game.


This Pro Kennex Badminton Grip mainly selling in Singapore for all the competitive player who love high quality.


The Pro Kennex Badminton Grip come with high comfortable zone feel to protect all palm for high level badminton player.

PU Grip Pro Kennex Badminton Grip Tape Singapore

Even though grip is not the main purpose to make you made a mistake in the court. But if the badminton grip are feel good ,it will make you do better in every skill in badminton.


Moreover Pro kennex badminton grip always do it better for player who are really keen in badminton.


The Pro Kennex Badminton grip can cover player who are in high demand of badminton training ,games fulfill high quality of standard in grip.


Imaging if the grip you brought at high cost but the quality is at lower grade quality. And probably you find that the grip are not suitable for your daily use and some of the player never change at all from the day 1.


The badminton grip can become smelly and its hurt your palm due the bacterial infections especially for kids. Although the badminton grip is in our hand ,there is a possibility go into our mouth anytime in game wipe of our sweats.

Prokennex Badminton Grip PU330 Singapore
Pro Kennex Badminton Grip High PU Grip
Pro Kennex Badminton Grip | Take Care of your Health | Singapore

This is what happen that all we facing in the market now. Leisure player always can have a lot of racket ,but they lacking behind of knowledge in how to take good care of their racket.


Some of the player we received their racket for restring services. The first thing we can determine the racket owner is very experience or leisure player.


Sometime we can find their badminton grip is totally damage but they not even change. In the end our certified stringer will change for them or directly remove the grip before perform racket restring.


Pro Kennex Badminton grip the main purpose is that to cover the player who are always need to change grip and looking for high quality of badminton grip.

Pro Kennex Badminton Grip PU330 Manufacturer Description
Brand : Badminton Grip Prokennex Strong Cushion
Model : PU330
Description : High PU Grip, Super Comfortable , Excellent Dry Fast & Durability
Suitable For : LeisureProfessional, Competitive ,High Level Player
Colour : Black , Orange, Red, Pink, Yellow, Blue, Green
Width : 25mmLength : 1200mmThickness : 1.10mmMaterial : Polyurethane ( Ultra Soft & Tattoo Grip )

Shipping Method : Self Collect, Normal Mail , Singpost Registered Mail

Made in USA

S$2.80 per piece

Frequently Questioned Answers

  1. How long will received if send by post ?  Answer : 2-3 working days. 
  2. Same day collection ? Answer : Yes, Check with us before come
  3. Where is your location ? Answer : Check on google “ERR Badminton or Click here