Maxbolt-MBS-66-Badminton-Restring-ERR-Singapore-Jurong 2020


Maxbolt MBS66 badminton restring one of the string that you can have a stiff feeling with ultimate repulsion. If you usually are using Yonex BG66 Ultimax, you feel that the string must string at high tension and to prevent the tension drop after few games. You can try on this badminton string, as it comes with high repulsion and durability.

This Maxbolt MBS66 0.66mm gauge repulsion is different from other badminton string like Yonex BG66. You can feel the string not too soft type, stiffer feeling come with solid hitting sound.

Every string is depended individually on player playing style. And the proper stringing method is important, especially for Maxbolt MBS66 string.

Review from Eric:  Can feel strong repulsion when restring at 24- 26 lbs. When smashing and defend the repulsion are suited my needs.

Moreover, this Maxbolt MBS 66 the best tension set is at between 24 – 26lbs, but it can be adjusted according to the individual level and fitness.

However below are Maxbot MBS 66 badminton restring experiment DT test at 26lbs on Lining N80II.

First day: 57 – 59 DT

Second day: 56 to 58 DT

Third day: 53 to 57 DT


Nowadays there is a lot of new string launched this few years including Maxbolt MBS66 racket restring. But there are still many leisure players are not up to date. Although we understand that this string the main thing is because that manudacturer saw there is an excellent opportunity to earn money if selling string. But think of the other way why we don’t use them back? Maybe the string is a cheaper or better quality string? We can use them again to increase our playing performance.

Like the Maxbolt MBS66 string the gauge is at 0.66mm if you are previously using the same thickness of the string, and you found your previous string easily break, too soft, you can’t get the feel. You can try this string, and the string nowadays is keeping coming out of new technology, we believe all the player will found what they want.

If you feel Yonex string like BG66 is too expensive to use due to always broken easily. This Maxbolt MBS66 racket restring will be the right choice as it is comparable and the cost is also cheaper. If you are never try on Maxbolt MBS66 racket restring not meaning they are not good. Is sometimes we used to one thing and we afraid to make changes, but since we will replace the string regularly, nothing can be afraid.

Maxbolt-MBS66-badminton-stringing-in-Gek-Poh-SC-Singapore 2020

Maxbot MBS 66 Manufacturer Description


Repulsion – 10

Durability – 8

Control – 7

Hitting Sound – 7

Shock Absorption – 6

Gauge: 0.66mm

It’s here, Maxbolt advanced technology provide supreme resilience and crisp hitting sound by 0.66mm Gauge. Nylon multi-filament with patented high strength quarto-fiber wraps.

Made in Japan


Badminton Stringing Cost – $17 ( String + Labour ) Nett 

Frequently Questioned Answers

1.Lead Time (How long it would take ?)  Answer : Normally 1 hour for 1 racket only if booked in advance. For lead time do let our stringer know when you will be coming so that he can estimate the time.

1.1 You can use Online Appointment or Contact our stringer to double check. 

2.Same day collection? Answer : Yes, Check with Certified Stringer Schedule Availability

3.What should i provide before i send my badminton racquet?

Please provide

i) Your Name

ii) Prefer String Model (eg, Yonex BG65TI, white)

iii) Prefer Tension (eg, 22,24,26,28lbs)

4.Where is your location? Answer : Check on google “ERR Badminton or Click here

5. When can i send my racket? Please check with the stringer before send. Contact here

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