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Herewith Li-Ning No 5 Badminton Restring review:-

This Li-Ning No.5 badminton string is suitable for who player who like more power given by the string. Some players are able generating plenty of power on their own, so they will need a string that will provide the least amount of power allowing them to control their shots.

If they choose on the thinner string will not help them to generate more power on their shot. Why ? Thin string when after the impact occurs, and the shuttlecock has left the stringbed too fast,so cannot absorb all power from the player given. This is the reason why most of the higher level player are prefer thicker string like Li-Ning No.5 or BG80. Because they want good control and more power to suit their playing style.

Below are Li-Ning No 5 badminton restring at 28lbs experiment DT tests.

First Day                 59 – 62 DT

Second Day            55 – 59 DT

Third Day                53 – 56 DT


Some player are not used to string thin string, they feel that although the hitting sound is good. But they feel the all their shot is not that “power” compare to thicker string. This is why most of the professional player who are in world ranking, probably all their string is thicker string. Like the former for world No.1 double Fu Hai Feng is using Li-Ning No.5 string.

Most of the leisure player are misunderstanding on how to choose the right string. They will check what are the string using by their favorite professional player and they will use the same string. This is not the right way of choosing string type, string should be choose according to your playing style, attack, control etc. Important is what string type you feel that is comfortable to yourself.

Example some of the player prefer Li-Ning No.5 string and request us for badminton restring. When the next time they come back told us that the Li-Ning No.5 string is too stiff for them so he can’t hit the shuttlecock to baseline. And we will give advise and change thinner string or lower the tension for him.

Badminton stringing Jurong Li-Ning No.5 Badminton String
Badminton Stringing Services Jurong West Singapore ERR Badminton Restring


Every badminton player have different player style, we also having some member that they prefer Yonex NBG95 instead Li-Ning No.5 string. Badminton restringing is not that difficult, but help to choose the right string to help them play better. Although like Yonex NBG95 and Li-Ning No.5 the string thickness is the same. But we still got some member like Li-Ning No.5 badminton restring. And part of the member prefer NBG95 string.

We only can say that string is depend individually, if you feel the string is comfortable for you, that is your right choice. When you feel the string is too difficult for you to hit baseline, or defense you can’t even return the shot as what you want. there are few factor, first it might be your string is too stiff for you, you should lower down the tension. Secondly it might be the string not suitable for your player style, you should try another string until you choose the right one.

Third is because of the string is too old, mean you keep for long time in open public and not using for more than 3 months. This you should change the new string and you will feel better. Importantly is not about what string expensive mean that is the best string for you. Is about choose the right string and help you increase performance.



Control – 8
Durability – 8
Repulsion power – 8
Hitting sound -7
Shock Absorption – 7

CORE: Heat-Resistant, High Intensity Nylon MultifilamentOUTER: Heat-Resistant, High Intensity Nylon

COATING: Compound Titanium Hybrid

DIAMETER: 0.69mm

Single roll for one badminton racket – 10m / 33’. Extensively used by top international players. A 0.69mm diameter badminton string with titanium hydride coating that provides the perfect blend of durability and repulsion power. A heat-resistant, high intensity nylon fiber core and braiding layer combined with a unique multi-rotation braiding technology provides unrivaled performance. The No. 5 badminton string delivers a firm, hard hitting sound and feel.

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Badminton Stringing Cost – $16 ( String + Labour ) Nett 

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