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Li-Ning No.1 Badminton String Review in Singapore

By ERR Badminton Stringing

Li-Ning No. 1 badminton restring by ERR badminton restring. 
lining no 1 restring badminton sg


This badminton string is well-known and used by quite a number of international players. International players likes Fu Hai Feng and most of the rest of China National Team. The diameter gauge is 0.65mm. This is one of the highest repulsion string from Li-Ning.

Review from Eric: The feel is good when the tension is set at between 27 – 32lbs. When compared with BG66UM, the feeling is a bit different. Li-Ning No.1 string feels a bit harder and stiff as compared with BG66UM.

Most of the returning customers who had chosen Li-Ning No.1 badminton string, will normally string at between 24 – 26lbs for their leisure games. This is based on our stringing record.

However, below are Li-Ning No. 1 badminton restring at 26lbs experiment DT tests:-

First Day              55 – 3DT

Second Day         49 – 51DT

Third Day             45 – 48DT

lining no 1 racket restring sg


We would like to recommend this string for players who like hard feelings while using thin strings. For example, players who are using Yonex BG66 Ultimax string, they know that BG66UM easily drop tension. It also becomes softer after a few games. Whereas, for Li-Ning No.1, the string becomes more “stiff” and gives a “hard” feeling. This is very suitable for people who need a more ‘stiff’ feeling on repulsion string.

At the same time, we do have National Standard level players who are using Li-Ning No.1 string. Their tension are set at between 28 – 30lbs. On top of this, their rackets have a heavier head which is around 85 -90grams. This follows suit that the players themselves have a lot of strength. This combination, allow the players to have better control.

Some leisure players most probably do not know the reason why most national or international players use heavier head racket. Furthermore their tension is also set higher. Very often, we have a lot of new members who has totally no knowledge about this.

Why? The reason being that national or professional players have plenty of strength and power. This is because they train everyday between 5 – 9 hours or more. They do not require any new technology frame in order to increase racket speed or impact. All they need is a racket that they can feel very comfortable and confident when they are hitting the shuttlecocks.

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Try to imagine what will happen when a professional player use a light weight racket. His swing will be too fast and hard. He will not be able to execute maximum impact when hitting. In other words, the contact point is unbalanced.

Secondly, the power generated from his body will not be able to match the speed of the light weight racket. At the same time, always remember that light weight racket does not provide power but swing speed.

There is another reason why professional players string their rackets at high tension. The reason is the same. As a professional player, you do not need any high repulsion. What they need most is good control when the shuttlecock comes in contacts with the string.

Always remember this: High Tension means High Control. Low Tension means High Repulsion

Lastly, a lot of well- to- do Singaporean do not know about this. Most of them will buy a good racket and string the tension like Lin Dan’s. When they send their rackets over to us, we can roughly guess whether they can handle their rackets. We just look at their body’s fitness level plus their age.

lining no 1 racket restring sg


If a secondary school kid sends a Li-Ning N9ll and request a tension of 28lbs, we will just follow his request. We will do for him just for the first time only.  By doing this, it does not mean that we do not know that it will not suit him. We are just merely pretending as through his request, we already know about of knowledge level on strings. Furthermore, we know for sure that he will lower his tension when he next comes back. Lastly, we can imagine that this kid will need all his strength just to hit all the shots to baseline. If he does not do that, most of his shots will be at “half court”. I am sure a badminton addict will understand.

This is the reason why we always share our knowledge with our members. Our Certified Stringer, Mr Eric Chuar will also give advice to his members according to their skills and level of play. At the same time, he will help to choose the appropriate string and tension. Mr Eric Chuar is a Badminton Coach in Singapore.

Finally in conclusion:- Li-Ning No.1 string is the best badminton string for all kinds of players provided the tension chosen is suitable to the players. It can be high control or high repulsion. The most important point is always to choose the right tension. This will make you feel comfortable during your games. Lastly, you will be able to easily control your games together with your skills which you are able to control.

Li-Ning 62 Instinct Badminton Stringing services in Jurong Singapore by ERR Boon Lay



Control – 8
Durability – 7
Repulsion power – 10
Hitting sound – 9
Shock Absorption – 7

As much as High Cost Efficiency + Repulsion

Item Code: AXJJ018
Gauge: 0.65mm
Core: Heat resistant & High Intensity Nylon Multifilament
Outer: Heat resistant & High Intensity Nylon

Badminton string with high repulsion power
Super thin string with only 0.65mm diameter, providing superhigh repulsion power plus clear hitting sound
Using heat-resistant & high intensity fabric for both inner and outer plus Li-Ning unique 3D knit technologu making the string more durable comparing to others with the same diameter
Mesh fabric for excellent ventilation
Moderate hitting feeling

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Badminton Stringing Cost – $17 ( String + Labour ) Nett 

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