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Li-Ning LN64 Instinct Badminton String Review in Singapore

By ERR Badminton Stringing

Li-Ning LN 64 INSTINCT badminton stringing review by ERR badminton restring Jurong. 
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Li-Ning LN 64 INSTINCT badminton stringing review by ERR badminton restring Jurong. This badminton string is the Li-Ning thin series string launched in 2019. The string gauge is at 0.64mm; have you tried using BG66 Ultimax before? are you feel that BG66UM is soft after used for few time? this Li-Ning Instinct 64 will be your next better choice.

Review from Eric: This string you can feel the string itself is stiffer than other thin types of string, not too soft, hitting sound is solid and drop tension are slower compare to others string.

Li-Ning LN 64 badminton string although the thickness is only 0.64mm the hitting sound is crisp and medium feeling.

However, below are Li-Ning LN 64 INSTINCT badminton stringing at 26lbs experiment DT tests:-

First Day              58 – 57DT

Second Day         56 – 55DT

Third-Day             54 – 56DT

ln64 instinct badminton stringing jurong singapore


There are a few types of player we met in Singapore, some are they will prefer the thinner type of string, as long as the string is a thin one, no matter what brand they are also willing to try. This is actually very good behavior, why? Because when they willing to try different strings, they can know more about string features although some string types the thickness is the same as Li-Ning LN 64 INSTINCT badminton string, when you play it on the court, the different brand might get different “hitting feel”. 

This is why we like this type of player, they can try out more types of string, and sometimes when you are trying a new string, even you don’t like the string but you still will try to adapt the string because of don’t want to waste money. This makes you learn more things, you can learn control and adapt a new type of string, mean this will help you lift up your badminton skill too.

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There is one more type of player is they always like to change new string, maybe every month after playing 4 to 5 session they will send here for badminton re-stringing even if the string is not yet broken. Maybe they choose Li-Ning LN 64 INSTINCT badminton string and after player once or twice they come back and cut the string and restring the new string. Why they will do this? Actually, not many players know when the new string strung on the racket on the first day, the hitting feeling will be very solid, just like fried chicken skin, very crispy when just fried out. 

But if the fried chicken place for about 1 or 2 days not eat on the spot. The skin will not crispy anymore although the meat is not spoiled, the taste like so so only. Badminton string actually is the same, like Li-Ning LN64 INSTINCT the first day you strung, the sound and hitting feel everything is good, but after maybe 1 or 2 week, the performance will be slightly not better compared to the first time. This is why some of the leisure stringer they will said if you pass me your racket today collect another 2 to 3 days later you will got discount, actually this is not the right way. Because this will make the customer missed the “crispy feel” if the racket placed somewhere too long not using. 

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Not only leisure stringer don’t know about this, sometimes the customer also doesn’t know. Some of the customer they like to place the racket to our side and even we have already informed to collect racket. They will drag about 3 to 4 days later only collect, so this will be caused them to miss the solid feel. Actually, the best way is let’s say when you have a badminton game on Thursday, you can book a stringing appointment from our system come on Wednesday and choose “on the spot” option collect after 1 hour. 

And when Thursday you use the racket that strung by our certified stringer, you will feel the hitting sound and the tension is at ultimate performance. Especially if you are using this Li-Ning LN 64 INSTINCT thinner type of string, you can feel the repulsion sound is at a solid level.

This Li-Ning LN64 INSTINCT maybe when the first day you strung will feel the stringbed a little stiff, but you can feel the hitting sound are crispy. After a few times of playing, you will get used to the string because the tension will drop slowly, we hope everyone has not missed the “solid hitting sound” when they paid the stringing fees.

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This thin string with only 0.64mm diameter, providing high repulsion power plus clear hitting sound. 

Control – 8

Durability – 8

Repulsion Power – 9

Hitting Sound – 10

Shock Absorption – 8


Material & Structure

Core: Heat-resistant & High Intensity Nano Braided Multifilament

Outer: Heat-resistant & High Intensity Nylon

Coating: Nano Boost Nylon Resin

Key Properties:

Using heat-resistant & high-intensity fabric for both inner and outer plug Li-Ning 3D KNIT technology making the string more durable compared to others with the same diameter.

Crisp hitting feeling.

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Badminton Stringing Cost – $18 ( String + Labour ) Nett 

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