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Herewith Li-Ning LN66 Extreme Badminton stringing review:-

This Li-Ning LN66 Extreme badminton string and stringing are suitable for player who love more repulsion and durability. This type of new Li-Ning string is launched in 2018-2019, but in Singapore, not many players aware of this string.

Below is Li-Ning LN66 Extreme badminton stringing at 27lbs experiment DT tests.

First Day                 61 – 63 DT

Second Day            59 – 61 DT

Third Day                58 – 59 DT


Li-Ning LN66 Extreme badminton stringing in Singapore really not much player know about this string. Maybe 500 people and only 50 people aware of this. Why? Because in Singapore do you feel not many stringers are willing to share about string or stringing experience. This is why caused a lot of leisure players everything also doesn’t know one. 

And Singapore stringing industry is like only string type and how much for the stringing. This is why our badminton sport is lacking behind in knowledge, Li-Ning LN66 Extreme is launched in 2018 but no one knows. Partly is because this badminton stringing and badminton industry are not strong enough, all looking at price instead of quality.

In other countries like Taiwan, China, and Europe country, they already started their stringing association group. When all the stringer stick together, study the issue they facing in badminton stringing, solve it and they are able to improve. But in Singapore no..not only the Stringer problem but the player also got a problem.

LN66 Extreme badminton stringing by ERR Badminton Restring Jurong
Badminton stringing services Jurong LN66 Extreme ERR Badminton Stringing


Sometimes when doing badminton stringing, we met many cases. As a player, we feel the stringer not professional, and as a stringer, we feel the customer is too beginner doesn’t know everything about badminton.

These 2 things always create many arguments, do you want to know the answer to who is right and wrong? Let’s talk about the first statement “we feel the stringer not professional“, we have met a lot of customer, they don’t everything about stringing, maybe they just know very little information about stringing search from online. But when they come they will require a lot of funny requirements example I want 4 knots and strung with Li-Ning LN66 Extreme badminton string.

Leisure player always think too much

For string they choose Li-Ning LN66 Extreme it’s okay, but they require 4 knots from the stringer. These 4 knots or 2 knots actually to a layman, it’s like a small matter.  They thought this is like chili and tomato sauce, stringer is just like a chef’s. You can imaging if the stringer is just like a chef, we will give you the answer if changing the stringing method is just like changing their cooking recipe, so the stringer when received this 4 knots specific requirement, probably will ask the customer why wanted to be 4 knots. 

if the customer says because I saw online 4 knots is better and professional, the stringer will not accept just a swiping statement. This is just changing their recipe without valid reason, but if you told the chef you have some food ingredient allergy, he will change it for you for sure, you probably understand now? Our advice is don’t change the stringer stringing method unless you have some proven data or valid reason, otherwise will create an argument for sure.  If you are first-time trying Li-Ning LN66 extreme string, let them use their stringing method, try their standard, otherwise you will not know how is the feel after use it in court.


Second statement is “we feel the customer is too beginner doesn’t know everything about badminton.” Some of the customer they always thought they know everything in badminton after maybe just saw something from online, so this makes the stringer frustrated. Always remember no matter you are PHD, or having 5 Master from NTU or NUS or the best clever person in IT or Science any field, unless your certification is related to badminton or stringing. If not, please don’t feel that you know everything. 


Why? Because everything the basic foundation is different, so don’t feel that what your thinking is right because you are PHD or high educated, NO. This is a stupid mindset, imaging if you are PHD in science, can you win a national player? even 1 score also difficult to take. Because they are specialist in badminton, and you are specialists in science, nobody is all rounder. Same to the stringer, our advice is to let the certified stringer help you, if you have any idea, consult with the stringer, don’t try to think that you know everything so everyone must listen to you, stop thinking too much nonsense.


Lastly, actually, all this argument can be reduced during badminton stringing. Important is that Stringer and player have to communicate in a proper way, cooperate together and respect each other to get your stringing done perfectly so that we can get “win-win” status. 




Badminton stringing services ERR Badminton Restring
Badminton stringing services Jurong Singapore


This thin string with only 0.66mm diameter, providing high repulsion power plus clear hitting sound. 

Control – 8

Durability – 6

Repulsion Power – 10

Hitting Sound – 10

Shock Absorption – 8


Material & Structure

Core: Heat-resistant & High Intensity Nano Braided Multifilament

Outer: Heat-resistant & High Intensity Nylon

Coating: Nano Boost Nylon Resin

Key Properties:

Using heat-resistant & high-intensity fabric for both inner and outer plug Li-Ning 3D KNIT technology making the string more durable compared to others with the same diameter.

Crisp hitting feeling.


Badminton Stringing Cost – $19 ( String + Labour ) Nett 

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