Kizuna Z69 Racket Restring Jurong Point
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Kizuna Z69 Racket Restring | KIZUNA Japan  Badminton String | JP

Kizuna Z69 racket restring is one of the Kizuna recently in 2018 request by all competitive badminton which is the string are last longer and shock absorption is fantastic.


Furthermore this string has been called super 69. Why ? although the string gauge are 0.69mm but the repulsion power is same as Yonex BG80 Power . In addition the string diameter gauge is 0.69mm the absorption of shock is perfect well present and used by most of the competitive player.


Even though in previously some of the badminton lover who only prefer thin string but after they try on Kizuna Z69 Badminton restring they feel worth to change it. Not to mention Kizuna Z69  selected by many badminton academy player in Singapore which is more durable and high explosion power compare to other 0.69mm string.


Review from Eric :  The explosion sound are loud when perform smashing, the string can last longer compare to BG80 Power badminton string.


In addition the Kizuna Z69 racket restring  suitable for all the player who love high durability and repulsion especially string at 28-30lbs.


However below are the Kizuna Z69 badminton restring experiment DT test at 29lbs.


First day : 74 – 76 DT

Second day : 72 to 68 DT

Third day : 66 to 62 DT

Review on Kizuna Z69 Badminton Restring by Advance Player

Moreover the Kizuna Z69 racket restring request by most of the advance badminton player.


As well as their feedback is Kizuna Z69 racket restring suitable for their body strength,when they go by smashing the string are matching their feels.

As a matter of fact they prefer Kizuna Z64x badminton string due to the explosion power in double game during smashing are well done.


Especially badminton player who are age between 20 – 28 as their body strength are still in order. This string are most suitable for them to get the right strength and skill.


Also the Kizuna Z69 racket stringing is one of the string that can compare with BG80 Power which both string are having same explosion power.


Another key point this Kizuna Z63 badminton restring suitable for badminton player who are looking for explosion power in intermediate player and long durability string.

Racket Restring Kizuna Z69 Frontier CC
kizuna z69 badminton restring jurong west
Kizuna Z69 Racket Stringing (JP) Price 

Racket Stringing Cost – $17

Frequently Questioned Answers

  1. Lead Time (How long it would take ?)  Answer : 1 working days. Today send before 8pm,tomorrow collect after 3pm.
  2. Same day collection ? Answer : Yes, Check with Stringer Schedule Availability
  3. On the spot restring service ? Answer : 1 hours -Additional charge $5
  4. What should i provide before i send my racket ?

Answer : Please provide

i) Your Name

ii) String Model

iii) Tension

  1. Where is your location ? Answer : Check on google “ERR Badminton or Click here
  2. When can i send my racket ? Please check with the stringer before send. Contact here
Kizuna Z69 Manufacturer Description


Control – 9
Durability – 10
Repulsion power – 8
Shock absorption – 10
Hitting sound – 8


Badminton string KIZUNA Japan Z69 premium [Z69] ultra-durable 0.69mm.

Badminton string Ultra-endurance and soft feel at impact gauges produce of 0.69mm, it was realized the durability of the series the highest level.

It is recommended string for those who focus on durability.

Gauge display is compliant with the guidelines of the Japan racket industrial cooperatives.

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