Karakal Tribal Grip Badminton Grip Singapore
Karakal Tribal Grip Singapore ERR Racket Restring 01
Karakal Tribal Grip| Karakal Badminton Grip | Singapore

Karakal tribal grip is one of the highest grade of karakal model compare to normal Karakal PU Super grip series.


The Karakal tribal grip the tacky durability will be longer than other badminton grip which the surface with non slip technology.


Also the grip have embossed surface and super soft touch feel attracted by many badminton player even the price are slightly higher.


Review from Eric :  This Karakal Tribal grip will be better than normal Karakal PU Super grip as is a bit thinner and the tacky surface definitely feel good and longer life times.


This Karakal Tribal grip mainly selling in Singapore for all the badminton lover who all along support karakal products.


In summary Karakal Tribal grip with super absorbent we can enjoy the game more with non slippy but secure all the time.

Karakal Tribal Grip | Karakal Badminton Grip | Jurong

Most of the leisure player they don’t even know how to proper wrap a badminton grip even play badminton for more than 10 years.


In fact some of the badminton player they know how to wrap badminton grip but is incorrect way. Why ? they never really figure out how to wrap just same as badminton game, they never really go for proper training on basic.


Wrap a badminton grip is that difficult ? No. But if the badminton grip not wrapped properly based on your hand palm grip size it will definitely effect player performance.


Also some of the leisure player never take care of personal hygiene, the grip can be totally smelly for 1 years on their racket. Why will be smelly ?


A lot of reason cause ,it might the grip model or material not suitable for them ,in example sweaty palm but they still using over grip but not towel grip.


For the past 10 years we have received pack of ERR member play for badminton more than 2-3 years but really no idea on their racket.


Karakal Tribal grip technology to beginner player probably is the highest class badminton grip which is too expensive for them. Why ? Because they can buy $1.80 or $2.50 badminton in online shop.

Karakal Tribal Grip Singapore ERR Racket Restring 04
Karakal Tribal Grip Singapore ERR Racket Restring 02
Karakal Tribal Grip | KA68o Tribal Grip | Jurong ERR

Moreover Tribal Grip KA68o  badminton grip come with incredible tattoo design to increase “feels’ when gripping.


The Karakal Tribal grip KA680 tacky feel compare to normal other brand of PU grip material will be higher and more comfortable.


Most of the PU grip the lifetime are 1-2 years maximum due to the material of the grip not has certain lifespan. So normal PU grip like Apacs , Fleet they lifespan is short.


Why ? Normal cheaper material of grip if wrap on the racket after few month not using then grip surface will drop off “powder” dust , mean it already spoiled.


After all the karakal tribal grip quality we can guarantee the lifespan will be longer and better.

KA680 Karakal Tribal Grip | Karakal Tribal Grip  | Jurong Singapore

Karakal Tribal grip suitable for player who like thinner PU grip but strong tacky feels.


Even though Karakal Tribal grip is one of the best grip for racket from customer feedback.

Moreover Karakal KA680 Tribal grip brand is famous in Singapore which the design and the feel are good especially using in badminton racket.


Therefore, the Karakal KA680 Tribal grip normally use by higher level of badminton player.

Karakal Tribal Grip Singapore ERR Racket Restring 03

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Karakal Tribal Grip KA680 Manufacturer Description
Replacement Grip Soft Touch SRF Surface
Universal Length
Features :
The Worlds #1 PU Super Grip
Replacement Grip
Non Slip PU SRF Surface
Superior Absorbency
Soft Touch
Nullifies Vibration
Super Tacky
Universal Length
Self Adhensive

Made in England

Badminton Grip Tape Color Available: 


Shipping Method : Self Collect, Normal Mail , Singpost Registered Mail

S$5.50 per piece

Frequently Questioned Answers

  1. How long will received if send by post ?  Answer : 2-3 working days. 
  2. Same day collection ? Answer : Yes, Check with us before come
  3. Where is your location ? Answer : Check on google “ERR Badminton or Click here