Karakal Love Badminton Grip Singapore ERR Racket Restring
Karakal Love Badminton Grip ERR Singapore 02
Karakal Love Badminton Grip| Karakal PU Love Grip | Singapore

Karakal Love Badminton grip is one of the famous badminton grip pattern by most of the young generation badminton player.


The Karakal love badminton grip normally use by intermediate and above level which the ” Nano Tech” formula attracted.


In the grip surface have super absorbent technology to enhance the performance in your badminton game.


Review from Eric :  This Karakal love badminton grip can at least last for 4 months for my leisure badminton game and coaching everyday.


This Karakal Love Badminton Grip mainly selling in Singapore for all the competitive player all along who use Karakal brand of grip.


In summary Karakal Love Badminton Grip come with soft touch surface to protect all palm and super tacky feels.

Karakal Love Grip | Karakal Badminton Grip | Singapore

Most of the leisure player the don’t think about the badminton grip need to change it when every time feel dirty , smelly or after sometime.


In fact the grip will effect playing performance and the smelly grip bacteria can caused fall sick easily. Why ? Imaging if your shirt never wash and wear 3 days for exercise , what the is smell is ?


Think of another way,  if the grip are 1 year not change ,you really don’t know the grip already cannot use anymore or just pretending don’t know ?


Most of the good player they take care their personal hygiene, they will change their grip when they feel the grip can’t use anymore. But some of the leisure player they don’t , because they feel nobody will know my grip is smelly.


But the stringer who do racket restring for you will know and your body know you are hurting them.


Karakal Love badminton grip technology indicate “Non Slip” surface.

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Karakal Love Badminton Grip ERR Singapore 01
Karakal Love Badminton Grip | KA681 Love Grip | Jurong

Moreover Karakal love KA681  badminton grip help player secure their hand palm with non slip technology.


The Karakal love grip KA681 tacky feel same as usual PU super grip but the badminton grip durability is longer compare to normal PU grip.


Most of the badminton grip in the online shop are lower grade of quality due to the manufacturer are trying to help seller to earn more profit.


Why ? Because if they don’t come out a lower quality of badminton grip no one will take stock from them due to the cost are higher and profit margin is low.


After all grip quality are what you pay and what you get ,if you pay buy 5 free 1 will you get the good and long durability PU grip ? No.

KA668 Karakal PU Grip | Karakal Love Grip  | Jurong | Singapore

Karakal Love grip suitable for player who like pink color and soft touch feels in Singapore.


Even though Karakal Love grip is a slightly expensive than other grip but the quality we can really feel worth what we pay for it.


Moreover Karakal KA668 love badminton grip brand is purely technology England. You can feel the smooth surface on the grip when you use it in your badminton game.


Therefore, the Karakal KA668 Badminton Love grip normally use by higher class of female badminton player.


Karakal Love Badminton Grip ERR Singapore 04

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Karakal Love Badminton Grip KA681 Manufacturer Description
Replacement Grip Soft Touch SRF Surface
Universal Length
Features :
The Worlds #1 PU Super Grip
Replacement Grip
Non Slip PU SRF Surface
Superior Absorbency
Soft Touch
Nullifies Vibration
Super Tacky
Universal Length
Self Adhensive

Made in England

Badminton Grip Tape Color Available: 
Pink Love white Skin , White love Pink Skin


Shipping Method : Self Collect, Normal Mail , Singpost Registered Mail

S$5.50 per piece

Frequently Questioned Answers

  1. How long will received if send by post ?  Answer : 2-3 working days. 
  2. Same day collection ? Answer : Yes, Check with us before come
  3. Where is your location ? Answer : Check on google “ERR Badminton or Click here