Karakal Overgrip point 75 Air Singapore
Karakal Badminton Overgrip Point 75 Air ERR Racket Restring Singapore
Karakal Overgrip | Karakal Badminton Overgrip | Singapore

This Karakal Badminton Overgrip point 75 Air is the most thick overgrip in the world which is 0.75mm thickness.


This type of Karakal ovegrip normally use for replacement grip in badminton , squash and tennis and to player who like thin control feeling.


In addition the thickness 0.75mm with non slip PU SRF tacky surface which is the new technology from Karakal overgrip.


Review from Eric :  This Karakal overgrip the tacky feel is good ,which when my hand palm came out sweat and the Point 75 Air will able to secure prevent slippy.


Karakal Badminton overgrip come with high comfortable zone can fully cover your hand palm during your competitive game.

Karakal Tacky Overgrip | Racket Replacement Overgrip | Singapore

Most of the people will use Karakal Overgrip instead Yonex AC102EX overgrip as the durability and the thickness are better.


And sometime the other brand of badminton overgrip when newly brought can feel very nice to use. But after 2 or 3 time of games ,then tacky feel are gone and become slippy.


Now days too many of badminton overgrip at low cost ,but the durability same as the price given , low quality.


Normally when we brought a overgrip we will check on the surface tacky or non tacky. But is this the way to check the quality of the badminton overgrip ?No

Very soon our certified badminton stringer will demo how to check the grip we brought are good or bad quality.

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Karakal Overgrip Point 75 Air ERR Racket Restring Singapore 02
Karakal Badminton Overgrip | KA6043C Karakal Overgrip | Singapore

Moreover Karakal badminton overgrip always do it better for competitive player which help them to save time and good quality given.


Why save time ? Karakal Badminton overgrip the thickness is 0.75mm. Can wrap it on the spot without any cushion wrap. Normal if we using normally overgrip 0.61mm thickness if don’t have original grip will have to wrap a cushion wrap before put overgrip.


The badminton overgrip like other brand in China ,some are them are good. But the durability not able to last longer due to they might not given the good material when manufacturing.


But karakal this brand as known it from England, the quality are qualified as world no.1 badminton grip. When after using Karakal grip when we try on other brand of grip will definitely find the different.


The special thing on the Karakal Overgrip Point 75 Air is the SRF Surface and the breathable surface.

KA6043C Karakal Overgrip | Badminton Overgrip | Jurong | Singapore

Karakal Badminton overgrip the main purpose is that to cover the competitive badminton player who love to play control games.


Even though badminton overgrip is thin but suitable for some of the player who like thin grip. Some of the badminton player they don’t like the grip too thick but some of the player yes.


Moreover Karakal KA6043C badminton overgrip for player who need more tacky feel during their badminton games.


Therefore, the Karakal KA6043C badminton overgrip can cover player who are in higher level which is advance and elite level player.

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Karakal Badminton Overgrip KA6043C Point 75 Air Manufacturer Description
BADMINTON OVERGRIPBrand : KARAKALModel : KA6043CThickness : 0.75mm

Length : 1200mm

Width : 25mm

Material : Polyurethane ( Ultra Tacky )


Replacement Grip Soft Touch SRF Surface

Sport : Badminton Racket ,Squash , Tennis

Universal Length


Features :

The Worlds #1 PU Super Grip

Replacement Grip

Tacky PU SRF Surface

Breathable Surface

Elasticated Base

Nullifies Vibration

Super Tacky

Universal Length

Self Adhensive

Badminton Grip Tape Color Available:
Black , White , Yellow , Orange , Green

Made in England

Shipping Method : Self Collect, Normal Mail , Singpost Registered Mail

S$2.50 per piece

Frequently Questioned Answers

  1. How long will received if send by post ?  Answer : 2-3 working days. 
  2. Same day collection ? Answer : Yes, Check with us before come
  3. Where is your location ? Answer : Check on google “ERR Badminton or Click here

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