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Karakal Badminton Grip Review in Singapore

By ERR Badminton Stringing

Badminton grip Karakal brand is one of the most famous badminton grip tape use by many player in Singapore.
Karakal Badminton Grip Super PU Grip KA665 Singapore Jurong
Karakal Badminton Grip Karakal Love Grip KA681 Singapore Jurong
Karakal Badminton Overgrip Point 75 Air Grip KA6043C Singapore Jurong
Karakal Badminton Grip Karakal Tribal Grip KA680 Singapore ERR

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Karakal Badminton Grip ( SUPER PU GRIP )

Badminton grip Karakal brand is one of the most famous badminton grip tape use by many player in Singapore.

The great thing of the Karakal badminton grip is the tacky feel and the super comfortable feel can secure our hand palm perfectly.

Additionally the karakal badminton grip customize their own technology which is SRF Surface helped a lot of competitive player to perform well in their racket game.

The thickness of the racket grip from 0.75 to 1.2 mm for different of top badminton player. All the grip are customize for different player no matter from Beginner until elite level.

No matter in what level in badminton. Karakal Badminton grip always provide the highest quality to help you feel comfortable in game. After 10 years the quality still all the same feels.

The tacky PU SRF surface help player secure their hand palm anti slippy. The Karakal brand originated in Belgium in 1978 and was the property of SPGS Dendermonde Belgium.

The Karakal Founder was Roger Vercambre who sadly died in Belgium on 30th May 2015, Roger will be sadly missed by all. Rest in Peace Roger (18th October 1945 – 30th may 2015).

Furthermore Karakal quality will be always be the world no.1 quality Super PU Grip. Nevertheless the cost is slightly higher but the quality are the best.

In fact Karakal set a mission as following below ” Our mission is to provide our customers with superior quality racket sport products and the very best in innovative ideas, design and technology.

We aim to constantly advance our products through listening to our customers’ requirements and developing new technologies to cater for them.

We call this Evolution by Design. At least our company tries to exceed our customers’ expectations of product quality, service and expertise.”

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