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Karakal Badminton PU Grip KA665 Review in Singapore

By ERR Badminton Stringing

Karakal Badminton grip as known as one of the world no.1 Super PU grip from England.
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The Karakal Super PU grip normally use for replacement grip in badminton , squash and tennis.

In addition the thickness 1.10mm with non slip PU SRF surface which is the new technology from Karakal PU grip.

Review from Eric :  This Karakal PU badminton grip can at least last for 3 months for my daily coaching about 4-6 hours a day, grip surface feel just nice of the thickness and tacky feel.

This Karakal Badminton Grip mainly selling in Singapore for all the competitive player all along who using Karakal PU super grip.

The Karakal Badminton Grip come with high comfortable zone feel to protect all palm and super tacky feels.

Karakal Badminton Grip Singapore Karakal PU Super Grip KA665 03


Most of the people know the grip will caused our racket handle easier to get slippy when playing in game.

And sometime the badminton grip you can feel it really smelly and some of the player still not to change. Is this true ? Yes. Most of the leisure use until even the grip smelly still keep to use.

Think of another way, few day clothes not change not wash get smelly how we think about the shirt and the player ?Will the shirt dirty ,this is how we find the player good or bad no matter in skill or standard.

Most of the good player they take care their personal hygiene, especially badminton grip change every months to keep the game go smooths. Leisure player they don’t as they lacking behind of badminton knowledge.

Karakal badminton grip technology indicate “Superior Absorbency” .

Karakal Badminton Grip Singapore Karakal PU Super Grip KA665 01


Moreover Karakal badminton grip always do it better for badminton player which the grip quality standard is higher.

The Karakal Badminton grip can cover player love tacky feels. The badminton grip we used to call Karakal PU Super grip.

In the market now have a lot of badminton grip brand and model, most of the leisure player really not sure who are using the best quality without professional advice.

Whoever sell cheap then buy the cheap one , use 2 or 3 times feel slippy they will thought every grip is the same will get slippy after 2 to 3 times. Because they only buy cheap thing never try good standard of badminton grip. Badminton grip same as car and laptop have higher standard and low standard.

The badminton grip sometime can cause a player cant grip the handle well and due to slippy. Their performance will effected during competition or normal game and if our finger can’t control well the skill will not be able perform good.

Some of the player we received their racket for racket restring services. The first thing we can determine the racket owner is very experience or leisure player.

Which if you find the grip can be so smelly or the grip almost spoiled after 1 or 2 years not changes and not remove on the spot wait for stringer do for them.

Karakal Badminton Grip Singapore Karakal PU Super Grip KA665 02


Karakal PU Badminton grip the main purpose is that to cover the competitive badminton player who are always need high quality of badminton grip.

Even though badminton grip is not the main purpose to make you made a mistake in the court. But if the grip is slippy and quality too low will caused you made a lot of mistake in 2 hours.

Moreover Karakal KA665 badminton grip brand is purely from England. Their brand in Singapore almost 10 years and worldwide no one don’t know about Karakal badminton grip.

Therefore, the Karakal KA665 Badminton grip can cover player who are in higher level which is advance and elite level player.

Now we can find a lot of number of grip in Taobao or online shop but most of the grip lower quality but selling at high cost. Due to the expenses in Singapore are too high ,everyone want to import low price equally low quality item from china and sell in Singapore.

But Karakal badminton grip you will not able to find in Taobao if yes you will find the price are higher which they will mention the grip is from England.

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Replacement Grip Soft Touch SRF Surface
Universal Length
KA665 SUPER PU GRIPFeatures :
The Worlds #1 PU Super Grip
Replacement Grip
Non Slip PU SRF Surface
Superior Absorbency
Soft Touch
Nullifies Vibration
Super Tacky
Universal Length
Self Adhensive

Made in England

Badminton Grip Tape Color Available: 
Black , Red , Yellow , Orange , Green

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