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Badminton Grommets Replacement Review in Singapore

By ERR Badminton Stringing

Badminton grommets replacement is one of our popular service that usually request by competitive player and professional player. Why ? Normally professional player are string with high tension easily effecting the grommets after sometimes.


Not even a competitive player ,depending on the badminton racket age, if the badminton more than 2-3 years. The grommets either damage or the plastic are ” Oxidation ” the plastic become stiff.

Example if the grommets are damage without replacement the most of the cases will be happen like string easily broken. Due to the grommets are not properly cover the string after racket restring.

For higher level badminton player they use to change the grommets every half yearly in order to protect the racket also extend the string durability.

Due to high tension the grommets might be not able to cover the string after few time of badminton restringing.



We can clearly saw the badminton racket frame on the photo are damage. In such cases happen might effect the badminton racket condition.

This is the reason why most of the high tension request competitive player are changed grommets frequently. Some of them usually string 27-28lbs especially Yonex badminton racket are easily damage.

Their mind set just like the grommets cost are not expensive ,no point to damage a good badminton racket ,some of the good Yonex badminton racket the cost might be $100 and above.

We also standby most of the manufacturer grommets also some of the special grommets especially like Yonex Z-Force II , Z strike , Li-Ning ,Victor Thruster series grommets sets.

We usually received most of the Yonex and Lining badminton racket owner for badminton grommets replacement. As most of the high grade racket from Yonex and Lining are able string up to 28-32lbs.



Double string grommets as known are using for 2 string vertical and horizontal in 1 grommet. This double string grommet play a important role in protecting the string for horizontal and vertical.

Equally double string grommets is the easiest damage compare to other sizes grommets. Refer to the photo the double string grommets are replacement. This double string grommets before ion.

We using the manufacturer grommets replacement tools to perform grommets replacement for all our existing ERR member.

This to ensure the grommet replacement for badminton racket are completed same as original sets no effecting the racket condition.

After got feedback from some of the new ERR member regarding their previous shop stringed for them. Although they help to replace the grommets but some of them the color are not match.

Also mention they shop din’t replace the double string grommets with original manufacturer condition.



Manufacturer original pattern grommets as per photo display. This is one of the reason that most of the competitive player including national player replace their grommets frequently with us.

Company with normal grommet double string replacement they unable to provide such high quality grommet work. The grommets sets are fully imported from Japan including Yonex , Victor , Mizuno.

Sometime the badminton player might like to keep replace their badminton racket grommets due to they want to product the original condition of the racket to keep good feeling while playing badminton in court.

Our grommets replacement technician are certified in grommets replacement and Stringer so their work are well present.

badminton-stringing-jurong-map-by-err-badminton-stringing-2020 SG


76 hole Badminton racket grommets replacement : $18 (Full set)

ERR members are able to check the quality of replacements grommet before string up including swing weight test result.

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