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ERR Badminton Stringing Membership Overview

We using premium digital technology which following the Singapore trend to build a clean platform for badminton stringing. You may choose the membership plan as following below to get your racket safe and stringing secure.
Official Member
Proper Badminton Stringing Proper Badminton Stringing
Tournament Stringing Standard Tournament Stringing Standard
Book Appointment System Book Appointment System
Check Available Slot Check Available Slot
Confirmation Email Confirmation Email
Stringing Notification Stringing Notification
Grip Replacement Grip Replacement
Community Support Community Support
Lucky Draw Lucky Draw
Re-Schedule Appointment Re-Schedule Appointment
Stringing Package Stringing Package
Birthday Award Birthday Award
Long Support Award Long Support Award
Feature Request Feature Request
IOS App Download IOS App Download
Andriod App Download Andriod App Download
CPS Exam Certification CPS Exam Certification
Member Price for Racket Member Price for Racket
Skill Knowledge Base Video Skill Knowledge Base Video
Knowledge Update Test Knowledge Update Test
Package price for Grip Package price for Grip

Take note there will be a limited account that will be approved depending on our stringer workload. This is due to our certified stringer all along with his main career as a full-time certified badminton coach.

This is fully filled and closed, will not open until further notice, will not reply on any inquiry related to this member application for this year 2021.

Thank you for reading