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BG80 Racket Stringing | Yonex Japan String Verion | Badminton

BG80 racket stringing is the middle of durability ,high repulsion and as known as string are use by Yonex sponsored badminton player. However, the BG 80 is one of the all round string on the market.


Also BG80 badminton stringing come before BG80. Of course most of the request are from the intermediate player and ordinary club player use. The string famous caused it has great repulsion, which mean that no matter smashing and clearing baseline with not much strength but able to produce powerful shot.


Due to the BG80 Power badminton restring there is much different using computer stringing machine which is world no.1 Yonex protech 8. In the first place the quality of restring are high along with the string repulsion power are better after tried.



Review from Eric: I used to string 28lbs for my badminton game with my Duora 10. Explosion power are good compare to other thick string.


However below are the BG80 badminton stringing experiment DT test at 28lbs.


First day : 56 – 59 DT

Second day : 54 to 57 DT

Third day : 51 to 56 DT

Review on BG80 Racket stringing

In addition this hard feeling the string is advertise as really makes sense. When you hit the string you will always feel solid and you no need to use so much strength which spongy feeling.


Additionally Yonex BG80 stringing also good explosive repulsion. Equally important this string are consider are high end string from Yonex Japan.


Although BG80 racket stringing the out layer of string is notched, to allow the string feel and bite into the shuttle a lot. Which mean you can adding slice to a frop and spin the net shot much more easier due to repulsion factor.

Of course the control probably is the best part of the BG80 stringing. However so many string tried by all around the player in Singapore. BG80 stringing is the best at controlling the shuttle.


In contrast the BG80 stringing can be very hit and miss affair with BG80. The string durability are good which is can last up to 3 months.


In the first place the BG80  badminton stringing normally are used in training which 4 hours per day training can last up to 3 months. Mean the string durability are pretty well done.

bg 80 badminton restringing sg
BG80 Racket Stringing Cost

Racket Stringing Cost – $17


Frequently Questioned Answers

  1. Lead Time (How long it would take ?)  Answer : 1 working days. Today send before 8pm,tomorrow collect after 3pm.
  2. Same day collection ? Answer : Yes, Check with Stringer Schedule Availability
  3. On the spot restring service ? Answer : 1 hours -Additional charge $5
  4. What should i provide before i send my racket ?

Answer : Please provide

i) Your Name

ii) String Model

iii) Tension

  1. Where is your location ? Answer : Check on google “ERR Badminton or Click here
  2. When can i send my racket ? Please check with the stringer before send. Contact here
BG80 Manufacturer Description
The high-modulus Vectran fibre is an advanced material wrapped round a strong multifilament core.


10/200m (33/656 ft)


Key Properties:
High Repulsion
Hard Feeling

Made in Japan

Yonex Featured String :