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Herewith BG68 Titanium badminton stringing review:-

Many reviews has suggested that BG68 Titanium badminton string is one of the most powerful string. We are talking about Yonex thicker string series. The hybrid titanium coating provides a sharp but comfortable feel at impact. Simultaneously, you can actually feel the titanium coating when you hit the shuttlecock. According to our feedback records, this string helps a lot of advance level players increase their playing performance.

Incidentally, some players like the titanium coating as it makes a really nice sound. This is possible when you hit on the sweet spot. At the same time, it can also provide you with lots of power and good control. Our BG68 Titanium badminton string is one of the most popular thick strings. It is popularly chosen by competitive players. The reason is because of its durability and the repulsion is just nice and not too thick.

We recommend that the tension should be above 28lbs for BG68 Titanium badminton stringing. Why? We had a ERR member who sent a old racket, Carbonex x8SP to restring with BG68 Ti string at 22lbs. He commented that after a few games, the middle part of the string snapped. Furthermore, the string felt “strange” during hitting. Lastly, the string did not provide him with the repulsion even though it was a new string.

Review by Eric: I used to string with a tension of 27lbs for my coaching and group badminton games.  It feels good where repulsion and sound is concerned.

Below are the BG68 Ti badminton stringing experiments DT tests at 27lbs

First Day                   56 – 58DT

Second Day              54 – 7DT

Third Day                  51 – 54DT


The main benefit of thick string is that it is able to last longer. If you want repulsion together with durability together, we advise that you string at a higher tension. The question is are you able to handle the higher tension?

During BG68 Titanium racket stringing process, we normally do pre-stretch with hands-on stringing method. By doing so, it will slow down the tension loss.

Subsequently we have also received feedbacks on BG68 Titanium badminton string at 25lbs together with a heavy head racket. Players noticed that it provides better game control together with ultimate power. They feel that this string suits their playing style.

Many people like to string with high tension not knowing the reason. Of course, many times they are not able to hit the shuttlecock because they are not able to handle. And yet, they still insist on the same tension for their next restringing of their racket.

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BG68 TI Badminton Stringing by ERR Jurong Singapore


As a “basic knowledgeable” badminton player, youshould always use the string that is best suited to your playing style. By doing so, your playing performance will be better. Ultimately, you will also enjoy your games. Likewise, we always encourage players to tell us if their tension is too tight for them. We will then reduce the tension. Why? This way, they will not incur injuries on their hand, wrist and shoulder. Injuries will most likely set in if the tension is too high and tight.


Nowadays, there are many different string models in the market. They are always doing a lot of promotions hoping to increase their sales. When a top badminton player is the spokesman for a particular string, it does not mean that the string will suit you. The most important point to remember is whether the string is suitable for you or not. String is like your socks. If your socks does not suit you, you will feel uncomfortable. You will not be able to walk or run in it for long time.

Last but not least, this is the reason why our Certified Stringer, Eric likes to share his knowledge with our ERR members. He wants to make sure that everyone uses the correct string. At the same time, they will be able to enjoy their badminton games.

By the way, Mr Eric is also a Qualified and Certified Badminton Coach in Singapore.



A compound titanium hybrid coating and 0.68mm gauge provide not only a clear sound at impact but also a sharp and comfortable feel. Designed for control players.



10/200m (33/656 ft)



Key Properties:

High Hitting Sound

Soft Feeling

Made in Japan

Yonex bg68 Titanium badminton stringing services in jurong singapore by err badminton restring_SG


Badminton Stringing Cost – $17 ( String + Labour ) Nett 

Frequently Questioned Answers

1.Lead Time (How long it would take ?)  Answer : Normally 1 hour for 1 racket only if booked in advance. For lead time do let our stringer know when you will be coming so that he can estimate the time.

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3.What should i provide before i send my badminton racquet?

Please provide

i) Your Name

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iii) Prefer Tension (eg, 22,24,26,28lbs)

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