bg66 force racket restring services sg
bg66 force racket restring services

BG66 Force Racket Restring | Yonex BG66 Force Review | SG

This is BG66 Force racket restring review by ERR Jurong.


Yonex BG66F string was launched after BG66 Ultimax. For information, though both their outer diameter are the same at 0.65mm, but the string is very different. According to our record and survey, most Singaporean leisure badminton players know that BG66UM can give out good hitting sound and repulsion.


The common issue is that the tension loss is too fast. This normally happens to thin strings. Some players may know about this. Thus, we normally provide BG66F racket restring for intermediate players. When compared with BG66UM, they generally feel that their racket is more durable when using this string. Especially so when they do a lot of smashings.


According to the manufacturer’s specification {Yonex}, they claimed that both BG66UM and BG66F durability are the same. We decided to do our own testings to find and understand more. We do not like to just get information straight from manufacturer’s specification.


Review by Eric:- I used to string Yonex BG66F for my Li-Ning N80ll badminton racket at 28lbs. I can feel that the string provides more shock absorption when I do smashing. Furthermore, I can also feel there is control when doing defence. Lastly, the tension is still “crisp” after 2 weeks.


Below is BG66 Force badminton restring experiment DT tests at 28lbs.


First Day                   59 – 62 DT

Second Day              57 – 59 DT

Third Day                  53 – 58 DT


From our playing experience, we can feel that the string is a bit dull {stiff} when compared with BG66UM.  This is not because BG66F’s string has reduced repulsion but because it’s shock absorption is good.


When the SA (Shock Absorption) is good, the string can provide more power. Likewise,, you can feel it when you do smashing. At the same time, if the SA is good, the string surface will be covered with a thicker coating. This is the reason why the smashing sound of BG66 Force does not sound as good as Yonex BG66UM. Finally, BG66 Force is able to give good repulsion when hit. It can help you improve your badminton game. This string gives you another choice when you are at a loss thinking of what type of string will suit you best.


After our experiments and testings, we feel that BG66 Force string’s durability is better than BG66UM. As part of our testing, we gave both types of BG66F and BG66UM with the same tension at 26lbs to a ERR member. The BG66F string burst after 11 weeks of playing. BG66UM burst after only 8 weeks. In conclusion, BG66 Force is more durable than BG66UM. Based on our record, BG66UM racket restring is still one of the best selling string in Singapore.


BG66UM is able to provide good repulsion but the downside is that the string’s lifetime is short. In other words, it all depends on what you are looking for in a string. If good repulsion and hitting sound is what you want, then BG66UM is the best. On hind sight, if you want a string with more shock absorption, durability in order to save cost, then the BG66 Force racket restring is the one for you.

bg66 force badminton restring services
BG66 Force Racket Restring ERR Singapore Jurong Boon Lay
ERR BG66F String Review by ERR

Whenever we hear and feel the “crap” sound, it means that the tension is lost. Because of this, most players will request that their tension be increased by 1 – 2 lbs when sending the racket for restringing.


They know that by doing so, it can prevent the tension from dropping too fast. We always suggest to players that they tell their problems to our stringer, Mr Eric. By doing so, Mr Eric may be able to understand and try and find a solution for your problem.


Only after he has heard and understand the problems you are facing, he will then know how he can best help you. Maybe he needs to adjust the strings or increase the tension. Not all players has the same problems.


ERR Badminton Restring Jurong has a reputation of having good knowledge on racket restringing. Furthermore, our stringing machine is the World’s No. 1 Yonex Protech 8. This Yonex Protech 8 is also calibrated plus all the stringing tool sets are of the highest class from Yonex, Japan.

Increase Racket & String Knowledge With ERR

By the way, Mr Eric is also a Certified Badminton Coach in Singapore.


We always encourage people to share and not to be shy. Try not to act like you know everything. You must help yourself first so that others can help you. Eric is always on the look out for anything new in Badminton racket restringing. He is definitely not the type who will just make money by doing restringing.


Eric will always advise his customers which string is best suited to them and let them decide. He has his customers interests at heart. We would like to say that BG66 Force racket restring is not for everyone. The demand for this string is quite good as it is based on individual’s needs.


Mr Eric said: As a good stringer, it is not about how unique your stringing method is. Also it is also not about how many certificates you have acquired. Most important is whether you understand what the player needs and want of their badminton games. At the same time, you also need to know how time you are willing to spend on understanding their needs.

Yonex BG66 FORCE Stringing Services ERR Singapore Jurong
BG66 Force Manufacturer Description

Description: The BG66F Realize the “POWER” with a thin gauge.


Material: Nylon Multi-filament + Special Blend Nylon Coating
Length: 10/200m (33/656 ft)
Gauge: 0.65mm
Key Properties: High Repulsion Medium Feeling

Made in Japan


Chong Wei is one of the all-time outstanding badminton talents.

His heroics at the top of the game for many years have earned him the title Datuk and had the Malaysian Prime Minister describe him as a national hero.

A World number one, Chong Wei has a number of gold medals to his name after victory at the 2006 Commonwealth Games in Melbourne and the 2010 Commonwealth Games in Delhi.

BG66 Force Racket Restring 

BG 66 Force Restring Cost – $16

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