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bg66 force racket restring services sg
bg66 force racket restring services
BG66 Force Racket Restring | Yonex Japan String Verion | JP SP MY

BG66 Force racket restring come after BG66 Ultimax is one of the famous string in Singapore which provide high repulsion power.


Due to the BG66 Force badminton restring by our certified badminton stringer Mr.Eric and together the world No.1 Yonex stringing machine.


Received a tons of good feedback by most the intermediate player. Especially using for double games feels of quality of the string are better than ever.


Additionally Yonex BG66 Force also provide good repulsion on low tension for lobbing with lesser strength. This string are suitable for beginner to intermediate level and above.


Review from Eric: I used to string 30lbs for my coaching and weekly badminton game. Very good on return when using double stroke and wrist work.


However below are the BG66 Force badminton restring experiment DT test at 30lbs.


First day : 59 – 62 DT

Second day : 57 to 59 DT

Third day : 53 to 58 DT

Review on BG66 Force Racket Restring by Advance School Team Player

Although BG66 Racket restring is attracted most of the competitive badminton player. But there are negative review from a school team player which is the life time are short,is a common issue.


For our experiment on BG66 Force the DT tension are drop slower than BG66 Ultimax. Of course the positive thing are that this BG66 Force have a good absorption force power.


In the first place the BG66 Force badminton restring have a great repulsion power. At the same time mean that string tension will drop faster than other string.


This BG66 Force are normally requested by intermediate player who play double. And most of their feedback is the string have a good tension but low durability. If string it at lower tension the lifetime will be longer.


Nonetheless if you have any doubt on this string do enquiry our certified stringer Mr.Eric.


Also Mr.Eric is one of the certified badminton coach in Singapore. He used to cover his student for all the racket restring.

bg66 force badminton restring services
BG66 Force Racket Restring 

BG 66 Force

Restring Cost – $16

Frequently Questioned Answers

  1. Lead Time (How long it would take ?)  Answer : 1 working days. Today send before 8pm,tomorrow collect after 3pm.
  2. Same day collection ? Answer : Yes, Check with Stringer Schedule Availability
  3. On the spot restring service ? Answer : 1 hours -Additional charge $5
  4. What should i provide before i send my racket ?

Answer : Please provide

i) Your Name

ii) String Model

iii) Tension

  1. Where is your location ? Answer : Check on google “ERR Badminton or Click here
  2. When can i send my racket ? Please check with the stringer before send. Contact here
BG66 Force Manufacturer Description

Description: The BG66F Realize the “POWER” with a thin gauge.


Material: Nylon Multi-filament + Special Blend Nylon Coating
Length: 10/200m (33/656 ft)
Gauge: 0.65mm
Key Properties: High Repulsion Medium Feeling

Made in Japan


Chong Wei is one of the all-time outstanding badminton talents.

His heroics at the top of the game for many years have earned him the title Datuk and had the Malaysian Prime Minister describe him as a national hero.

A World number one, Chong Wei has a number of gold medals to his name after victory at the 2006 Commonwealth Games in Melbourne and the 2010 Commonwealth Games in Delhi.

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