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This is BG6 Regular badminton stringing review:-

For a start, this BG6 Regular badminton string is the newer version of BG6.

When you use BG6 Regular badminton string, you will find the string stiffer & thicker compared to the first generation BG6. But this is not an upgrade version or of BG6 badminton string, it just that Yonex launched two types of same thickness string between 0.70mm and 0.66mm string to fulfil different need of the player. This string compared to Yonex BG65 Titanium is cheaper about $2. But some of the players still prefer BG6 Regular badminton string because the durability and sound is better  compared to other thicker string.

Review by Eric:-  I used to string BG6 Regular badminton string at 27lbs for my coaching badminton racket. The hitting sound is good, and medium feel string always helps me to control my stoke more firm.

Herewith below are the BG6 Regular badminton stringing experiment DT tests at 25lbs.

First Day             58 – 60DT

Second Day        57 – 59DT

Third-Day            54 – 57DT


Some of the older generations are said that nowadays the new string is expensive, so they still prefer using Yonex BG6 Regular, the string is given good repulsion. But there is a lot type of character leisure player. Some of them they will look at the expensive string like BG SKYARC but when they send their racket over, we found that the badminton racket maximum tension is only at 20lbs. Which is very old badminton racket, do you think BG66 Brilliant will feel good after string on the racket? No. As BG SKYARC repulsion will appear after 22lbs.

So sometimes we have to know some knowledge before sending your racket for stringing. There are few things you need to know before sending your badminton racket for stringing.

First, if you choose BG6 Regular badminton stringing, you got to know your previous frequently used string is it similar gauge “thickness”. Example if you previously are using Yonex BG65 gauge is 0.70mm. And now you choose BG6 Regular badminton stringing, you will feel that the string is stiffer, but repulsion is good.

Yonex BG6 Regular badminton stringing Pioneer Singapore
Yonex BG6 Regular badminton stringing jurong Certified Stringer Eric Chuar Singapore


Secondly, if your previous used string is BG68 Titanium 0.68mm and you feel BG68TI durability is not that good, this BG6 Regular badminton stringing will be your right choice. Actually to a professional player point of view, the important thing is not about how much is the string cost. Is about the string must suit your playing style and your racket according to your level.

If the string is not suitable for your “feel” and playing style, you will not be able to perform better in-game. This is the reason why our Certified Stringer Mr.Eric always advise to his member before badminton stringing. He wanted to ensure all his member choose the right string and tension so that they can be played better. Also, Mr.Eric Chuar is one of the certified badminton coaches in Singapore for the past 12 years.

According to his stringing experience, he can know that most of the leisure beginner player would like to choose colour more than string type because those leisure player doesn’t know how important to choose the right badminton string. Or some of the players even they don’t know about string, but they dare to randomly select by name. Like they will choose BG80 “POWER”, they will though choose this string they will become power. NO. We have to understand the string instead of the name as it’s just a marketing ploy.



Medium Feeling

Repulsion Power

Gauge: 0.70mm

Length: 10 meter (33 feet)

Model: BG6 Regular

This regular gauge string combines repulsion power with durability. The Nylon multifilament, braided fibres and Yonex original coating create a gauge of 0.70mm providing the perfect combination for economical performance.

Yonex BG6 Regular badminton stringing Joo Koon Singapore


Badminton Stringing Cost – $15 ( String + Labour ) Nett 

Frequently Questioned Answers

1.Lead Time (How long it would take ?)  Answer : Normally 1 hour for 1 racket only if booked in advance. For lead time do let our stringer know when you will be coming so that he can estimate the time.

1.1 You can use Online Appointment or Contact our stringer to double check. 

2.Same day collection? Answer : Yes, Check with Certified Stringer Schedule Availability

3.What should i provide before i send my badminton racquet?

Please provide

i) Your Name

ii) Prefer String Model (eg, Yonex BGAE, white)

iii) Prefer Tension (eg, 22,24,26,28lbs)

4.Where is your location? Answer : Check on google “ERR Badminton or Click here

5. When can i send my racket? Please check with the stringer before send. Contact here

6. How much ? What color do you have ? Please refer the whole String List here for your reference.