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BG6 Racket Stringing | Yonex BG6 Review | SG

This is BG6 racket stringing review:-


For a start, this BG6 string is similar to Yonex BG66.  The difference is that this string is more affordable as compared with Yonex BG66.  The string is very popular with most Singaporeans because the repulsion is very similar to BG66 and in addition, cheaper.


Due to BG6’s  gauge diameter  is  only 0.66mm, it follows suit that its durability will be slightly better than BG66 Ultimax.  BG66UM’s repulsion is good but unfortunately does not last a long time.  This is because the string drop  tension too fast.  As for BG6, even though the string is thicker, the repulsion and lifetime is good.


The feedbacks that we get from badminton players of intermediate and above levels has been good.  Some players like it very much because the hitting sound is solid together with its durability.  Most players said that when their rackets are strung using BG6, the string can last for at least 3 months.


Review by Eric:-  I used to string BG6 at 27lbs for my badminton games.  The feel and the hitting sound are both good and so is the durability.


Herewith below are the BG6 badminton stringing experiment DT tests at 27lbs


First Day             57 – 59DT

Second Day        54 – 57DT

Third Day            52 – 55DT

Review on BG6 Racket stringing Review | Yonex BG6 String Review | ERR

Currently, we have received numerous feedbacks that Yonex BG6 is able to give good repulsion.  This is even so when doing defence and smashing.  Some players even commented that this string is able to help them generate more power without using much strength.


The quality of BG6 string is comparable with BG66. Furthermore, the price is low and affordable. Therefore, that is why it has become a very popular choice with many competitive badminton players during their casual games.


Feedbacks given by players is that this string can last longer than BG66 Ultimax.  Last but not least, the feel is much softer and stable when hitting the shuttlecock.


After having done numerous  racket restringing, we can see that Yonex BG6’s string is suitable for casual badminton  group players.  At the same time, it is also suitable for players who are looking for an affordable and long lasting string.

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Yonex BG6 Racket Stringing Jurong ERR Singapore
ERR Follow Tournament Racket Stringing Standard

For your information, BG6 badminton racket stringing  procedure will be following International Tournament Standard.  This means only empty frame is put up to machine.  ERR will never put the string onto rackets and then onto stringing machine.  We do not do Pre-String Method.


Our stringing machine is calibrated according to IISO/IEC 17025 standard. This means SAC-Singlas laboratory.


The calibration point for tension head is from 22 – 33lbs.  All tension is found within a tolerance of +/- 0.02lbs.  This means the calibration certificate is accepted by us, within accuracy.


Having said all of the above, we also send our string clamp for calibration. This is to check the tightness of the clamp.  This calibration is to make sure that the clamp is secure when clamped to string.  In addition, it also prevent it from damaging the string  during racket restringing.

BG6 Manufacturer Description


Soft Feeling

Repulsion Power

High Hitting Sound

Gauge: 0.66mm

Length: 10 meter (33 feet)

Model: BG6

BG6 Racket stringing services by: ERR

With a combination of thin, highly intensive nylon multifilament core and wrapped braided fibers with original coating, BG6 provides sharp feeling and metallic hitting sound on impact, and it realizes economical price.

BG6 Racket Stringing Cost

BG6 Stringing Cost – $14

Frequently Questioned Answers

  1. Lead Time (How long it would take ?) Answer : 1 working days. Today send before 8pm,tomorrow collect after 3pm.
  2. Same day collection ? Answer : Yes, Check with Stringer Schedule Availability
  3. On the spot restring service ? Answer : 1 hours -Additional charge $5
  4. What should i provide before i send my racket ?

Answer : Please provide

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