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bg aerobite racket stringing services err sg

BG AEROBITE Racket Stringing | Yonex BG AEROBITE Review | SG

Herewith BG Aerobite string review:-


For a start, we find that BG Aerobite racket string is more suitable for intermediate and above players to use. Why? This string is more beneficial to players who like to play spin shots plus at the same time wishing for durability. This hybrid string consists of 0.67mm for the main string. The cross string is 0.61mm Aerosonic. BG Aerobite string is the combination of both.


According to the manufacturer, this string can perform 8% better than BG66 Ultimax. Actually, this hybrid technology appeared long time ago for tennis rackets. In 2016, Yonex launched the first combination of hybrid string for badminton.


Review by Eric:- The repulsion is good when strung at 26lbs. Plus the hitting sound is just as good. At the same time, the repulsion of the string is good too. When doing spin shot in front of net, the touch is also solid.


For this BG Aerobite badminton stringing, we will usually string different tension methods. This is to match intermediate players for their double games. The normal tension will be set between 26 – 28 lbs.


Below are BG Aerobite badminton stringing experiment DT tests at 26lbs


First Day                   57 – 59DT

Second Day              35 – 37DT

Third Day                  33 – 36DT

BG Aerobite String Review | ERR Badminton Restring Singapore

In the beginning, this Aerobite string is not popular as not many players are using it. Furthermore, no national players were seen using this string. It was not until Kento Momota came back to competitive badminton after a 1-year ban. He is well known for his netting skill plus cross smash power.


From the feedback that we got from both leisure and intermediate players, we found that if the string tension is set at between 26-28lbs, it will be perfect. They said that the hitting sound, repulsion and the durability is just nice.


Most players when they send their rackets to us for the first time, they always request for the tension to be higher than the specified tension of the racket. For example, a Duora 10, the maximum manufacturer spec is 26 lbs but they will request for 28lbs. From this, we understand that the user is lacking in knowledge. This is partly caused by some sports shops in Singapore


The racket owner told us that they normally send their racket for restringing at sports shops in Singapore. At the same time, they probably requested for the tension to be 26lbs. After playing with the racket, they felt that the string is a bit soft at 26lbs. Therefore, they will request for a higher tension when they do restringing the next time.

aerobite badminton restring err singapore
Yonex BG Aerobite String Review by ERR Singapore
Understand the real tension need for your racket

We explained to the racket owner what is the main reason that caused the string tension to be inaccurate. One of the main reason is because of the stringing method. We always use empty frame up for our stringing method. On top of this, the racket must be strung by our Certified Stringer. Most of the sports shops in Singapore, they are using pre-string method. This means that they insert the strings into the racket first. After that they will load the racket onto the machine and then start to pull all the strings. This method saves them time.


Another reason could be the clamp or the stringing machine is not accurate. This is the reason why we always insist on sending our stringing machine for calibration twice yearly on the tension head. This will ensure that the machine’s accuracy is within our specific tolerance which is 0.02lbs.


Lastly, some people who are doing stringing service may feel that this is not very important. But to a professional stringing service, all these small matters are equally important. The reason being we want to make sure that everything goes well and perfect. In conclusion, if any of our members has any problem with their rackets, we, at least will be able to solve and assist them. To us, all these data is important to us

BG Aerobite Manufacturer Description
Yonex’s first ever hybrid string combo. The new AEROBITE applies heavy spin for decisive cut smashes or a solid touch for hairpins that drop straight down.


Multifilament Structure Mains: High-Intensity Nylon, High Polymer Braided Nylon, Polyurethane Coating Crosses: High-Intensity Nylon, High Polymer Braided Nylon


Mains: 0.67mm Crosses: 0.61mm


Mains: Red/Crosses: White



Made in Japan

BG Aerobite Racket Stringing Price 

Racket Stringing Cost – $19

Frequently Questioned Answers

  1. Lead Time (How long it would take ?)  Answer : 1 working days. Today send before 8pm,tomorrow collect after 3pm.
  2. Same day collection ? Answer : Yes, Check with Stringer Schedule Availability
  3. On the spot restring service ? Answer : 1 hours -Additional charge $5
  4. What should i provide before i send my racket ?

Answer : Please provide

i) Your Name

ii) String Model

iii) Tension

  1. Where is your location ? Answer : Check on google “ERR Badminton or Click here
  2. When can i send my racket ? Please check with the stringer before send. Contact here