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BG AEROBITE Boost Racket Stringing | Yonex BG AEROBITE String Review | SG

Herewith BG Aerobite Boost string review:-


For a start, we find that BG Aerobite Boost racket string is more suitable for players who normally used to string with Yonex BG80 string. Why?  This string is best for players who like to do spin shots and at the same time want more durability. This hybrid string’s thickness is  0.72mm. Therefore, it is thicker when compared with Aerobite string.  The cross string is 0.61mm Aerosonic.   BG Aerobite Boost string is a combination of 2 types of strings.


Actually, this hybrid stringing was launched long time ago for the tennis industry.  In 2016, Yonex launched the first combination of hybrid string for badminton.


Review by Eric:-  The repulsion is good when strung at 28lbs.  The Main string being  thicker will be able to offer more durability.  At the same time, the repulsion of the string is also good as the cross string remains at 0.61mm.  When doing  attacking and spin shots in front of nets, both the feel is good.


For this BG Aerobite Boost badminton stringing, we will usually string different tensions for both strings.  By doing this, we will be able to match the player’s playing level and style.  The normal tension set is between 26 – 28lbs.


Below are BG Aerobite Boost badminton stringing experiment DT tests at 28lbs


First Day                           60 – 63dT

Second Day                      59 – 58DT

Third Day                          57 – 58DT

BG Aerobite Boost String Review | ERR Badminton Restring Singapore

Right now in  2019, hybrid strings does not confine to just these 2 types ie:- Aerobite or Aerobite Boost.  There are a few stringers who have started to experiment by combining  Yonex string with other brands of string.  Their feedback is that it is never easy to get one type of string to suit all players.  Some players are happy and there are some who are not.


The main point of Aerobite Boost string is to provide durability and repulsion.  We noticed that the main string for the Aerobite Boost is 0.72mm which is thicker than the first generation of Aerobite.


The main purpose of having a thicker string is to boost durability.  At the same time, it also protects the cross string from being broken easily. The gauge of the cross string is only 0.61mm (Aerosonic).  Whenever a new string is launched, badminton players in Singapore  are very keen and curious to try.  Partly because Yonex’s brand is well recognised as the World’s No. 1 racket sport supplies especially in Singapore.


We always like to share our knowledge with our ERR members.  At the same time we also advise our ERR members to choose the right string according to their playing level and needs.  Here is one of the comments from a ERR member.   He  was  shocked that the repulsion is  so good after being told that his string is actually 0.72mm.  The reason he gave was that he felt good when playing with his racket.  Of course there were some who commented that they felt the string was a bit weird during  play.

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Racket Stringing Review for BG Aerobite Boost in Jurong 

This BG Aerobite Boost during badminton stringing, we can feel that the main string’s quality is better when compared with the first generation.  The first generation main string is more sticky on the surface.  Why?  Because for the first launch of  badminton hybrid string, they felt the need to prevent the cross string from snapping open “moving” when combined with thicker string.


Most badminton players do not like the string to snap open easily.  This is the reason why Yonex is concerned about this.  Therefore, they did some changes on the surface coating to secure the Aerosonic string.  Some players may not place too much importance on this point.  Nevertheless, if you try and understand  and learn more, you will know the reason why they want to launch this hybrid string.


In tennis industry,  hybrid string can create more spin.  Likewise in badminton, they also have the same mindset and aim.  The first national badminton player to use this string is Kento Momota.  If you look at the way he plays, other than cross smash, his netting skills, spin net shots are all extremely perfect.

BG Aerobite Boost String Review | Badminton Stringing Jurong

Part of it is because of the string.  Another 80% is because of the hard work during training. In Singapore, we can see many different types of badminton players.  Some of them when they have made a mistake, they will immediately put the blame on the racket. Actually from a professional point of view, mistake is not because of the string or racket.  Mostly is because of the lack of practise. When you do not have enough practise, your confidence level drops.


Even though a player is at beginner level, professional badminton stringing can help them  increase their performance. Although they do not know much about stringing, they will definitely be able to feel whether the string has more repulsion or too tight.


This is the reason why our Certified Stringer, Mr Eric Chuar will always advise and assist  his members as to what string or tension are suitable for them.  Furthermore, all racket restringing services will be done by him only. No assistant or leisure stringer are allowed. This is to ensure that all the racket restringing are done at accurate tension and feel.


All badminton stringing services will be using only the World’s No 1 Stringing Machine, Yonex Protech series. Furthermore, the tension head will be sent to a calibration laboratory with ISO/IEC 17025 standard every half yearly. This is to check the tension’s  accuracy and to make sure that it is kept up to standard. Our tension’s  accuracy is set at +/- 1 lb.  We will only use the stringing machine when everything has been calibrated and accompanied with the calibration certificate.

Aerobite Boost Badminton Stringing Review ERR Jurong Singapore
BG Aerobite Boost Manufacturer Description
a hybrid multifilament string engineered for maximum control without sacrificing repulsion. The vertical strings are made of Vectran(tm), a super fiber more than twice as powerful as nylon. Combined with a super-thin cross string, this hybrid setup retain
CORE High-Intensity Nylon Multifilament, Super Fiber: Vectran(tm) (mains only) OUTER High Polymer Braided Nylon Fiber, Oval-Shaped (mains only) COATING mains – Polyurethane
mains-0.72mm; crosses-0.61mm


Made in Japan

BG Aerobite Boost Racket Stringing Price 

Aerobite Boost Stringing Cost – $19


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