Yonex Exbolt 65

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Features: Quick Repulsion and Medium Feeling

Gauge Thickness: 0.65mm

Colors Available: Multiple

Stringing Cost: $20 Nett

Short Description:
The Yonex Exbolt 65 is made up of a high-intensity nylon multifilament for its core, and its outer layer is crafted from a new and innovative material called special braided forged fiber. This material boasts strong molecular bonds that provide 1.5 times higher heat resistance than general nylon. Additionally, the thin yet durable forged fiber generates an exhilarating experience.

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Experience the Exbolt 65 badminton restring by ERR Badminton Restring Singapore through our comprehensive review. This exceptional string delivers lightning-quick repulsion and unmatched durability, making it an excellent choice for players who are accustomed to similar strings. For a detailed account of our experience, click here to read the full review.

Testing Period
Exbolt 65 Badminton Stringing Machine Singapore ERR Badminton Restring Jurong ERR Badminton Stringing 2024 Professional Stringing

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Our stringing machine always maintains the highest accuracy to provide the best professional racquet stringing services.

Stringing Machines: Japan Yonex Protech 8 Series

Machine Tension Head Status: Calibrated Half-Yearly by ISO/IEC17025 SAC Laboratory

Calibration Certificate Traceability: NIST (National or International Standard)

Machine Clamp Tightness: Calibrated by ISO/IEC17025 SAC Laboratory

Stringing Tools: Full Sets of Yonex stringing tools

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In addition to stringing qualifications, our stringer has a deep understanding of badminton foundation development, allowing them to better understand the unique needs of each individual player. Find more about Badminton Coach Info.

Regularly perform badminton stringing for current National Players

Regularly perform stringing for current athletes from Sports Schools

16 years of real badminton stringing experience since 2007.

Our professional stringer has 16 years of experience in coaching badminton.

CRSF Certified Stringer

CRSF Master Racquet Technician

CRSF Professional Racquet Advisor

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USRSA Master Racquet Technician

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To book an appointment for stringing, kindly refer to our “How to book” page for more information.

We are located at 273A Jurong West Ave 3, Singapore 641273 ERR Badminton Stringing Jurong.

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