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Badminton Stringing in Singapore

After providing years of badminton stringing services in Singapore, our certified stringer found that there are many “players” who play badminton still lack knowledge in badminton stringing.
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Not meaning have to know how to do badminton stringing but in terms of, they should learn the right way of how to communicate with the stringer, and the choose right stringing service for their own.

This post will lead you on how to differentiate stringing cost, and how to choose the best quality of badminton stringing. For a start, these are the 4 things that you must “throwaway”, mean put aside better.

1. String color – Prefer string color instead proper stringing.

2. Cost for stringing service – Always prefer cheap stringing.

3. Lead time – Need the stringing complete in a short time.

4. Discount – More racket asks for more discounts.

If above 4 things, you are one of them, you can read either whichever related to you or read all to gain the knowledge, especially you are the first-timer or beginner to intermediate stage level of play. And we will explain every topic so that you will not be doing something awkward when you send your racket for stringing around Singapore.

How-to-choose-badminton-string-and-stringing-in-Singapore-String-color-Important 2020 June


String color lover? Most of the players will choose their favorite color to match their badminton racket, including us. In a stringer point of view, many stringers in Singapore not able to provide so many choices, why?

There are a few reasons are, most of the stringer here in Singapore is doing as part-time. Everyone knows the badminton stringing market demand is low, especially currently facing Circuit Breaker in 2020.

Plus, the stringing work it takes more time to go through for professional stringing method. When the market demand is low, not every string model and color can be sold in a quick time. Meaning if they keep the unpopular stock, maybe just 100 packs of string, they need 2 years to sell everything.

When the string after keep for sometimes, the quality is the concern. The string cost of each pack is about $7 to $13; if 100pack x $7= $700, it is not worth keeping. So the stringer will prefer to save up the money of $700 and avoid the risk of expired string. So they only can stock more colors whichever string that high demand like BG66 Ultimax. You can read a full explanation about badminton string here.

Our advice is, choose a professional stringer around you and choose your favorite color according to the stringer color availability. Why? You can have both in one shot, have a better stringing quality to help you with better performance and preferred color. And this way, the stringer will much appreciate your understanding.

how-to-check-the-cost-of-badminton-stringing-worth-or-not-worth-singapore 2020 June


Everyone likes to look for cheaper stringing services in Singapore, we are the same. But how to check your money is worth spending at the right place? Are they charge you at a fair cost? These are the few things that will affect the badminton stringing cost low or high.

Stringing machine type, we change it to a simple way call manual stringing machine and digital stringing machine. The manual crank machine is much cheaper because it lacks accuracy. The digital stringing machine is expensive, and accuracy is much better base on different brands and models. You can refer full stringing machine type here for your knowledge

Fake string or original stringthe fake string is cheaper, but the performance is bad. Original string cost at medium, have a better feeling of play in-game. You can refer full why the original badminton string here for your knowledge.

Badminton-Stringing-singapore-pre-weave-or-professional-Stringing 2020 June


Stringer certification or background, for now, there are still many shops and leisure stringer in Singapore without a certificate. But without certified doesn’t mean they are not good, compare to stringer who has certified, their cost will probably higher than leisure stringer. You can refer full certified stringer here for your knowledge.

Stringing methodpre-weave method or empty frame stringing method, mean current 2020 tournament stringing standard. The pre-weave way is the worst stringing method nowadays; tension will be not accurate, drop tension faster, stringbed getting soft within a week. Hurt the string durability and racket frame lifetime, etc. Empty frame stringing method is the best way for stringing and recognized by international standards, mostly using in the tournament. Tension much accurate and enhance more extended durability of the string.

Above these 4 things mainly affect the badminton stringing cost from the stringer. 

Our advice is choose the electronic stringing machine, certified stringer, empty frame stringing method, and the original string to help you better. 

Fast-badminton-stringing-Singapore-can-produce-good-quality 2020 June


Everyone also hopes that when they send their racket for stringing, they wish to complete faster, even we are the same. This is possible, but most of the customers will pop by without notice, this simple reaction will indeed crash the stringer schedule and rush for you. Although they willing to rush the racket in a short time, it doesn’t mean the quality of stringing is good. And definitely, it will not be of good quality. 
Why? If the stringer schedule is planned well for that day, suddenly someone pop up need to send over the racket and collect it on the same day. What they do is, they will still accept the racket because they want to earn your money. But think yourself, will you get a good quality of stringing? No. Honestly, because you are not lee Chong Wei or big customer, how much only you pay for the stringing fees? $15 or $18 yet to minus the string cost, the stringer just earns labor charge about $10 or less than that, so they won’t rush with real heart.



And the important thing is this will get your racket in trouble or damage. During badminton stringing, the professional stringer will check the grommets before start to strung the racket. As they know that every racket grommet needs to change after 3 to 4 times of high tension stringing. If the grommet damage without replacing the new one, end up the racket frame hole will “sink” in damage as per photo. When the client need the racket to come back fast, most of the stringer will not change for sure. Why? As changing grommets need more time than stringing.

If need a good quality of badminton stringing, our advice is to make an appointment with the stringer in advance so he can plan his schedule to do the right job. When the stringer has enough time to do stringing, he feels comfortable and will do the good work for sure. This is how good quality badminton stringing can be done.

Badminton-Stringing-services-Singapore-Discount 2020 June


If you have more badminton racket for stringing, will you ask for a discount? If yes, please read this to the end, and you will know more about badminton stringing. Badminton stringing is not the same as selling products if you buy more quantities you and will have a discount. Because for the product, you can “buy and go in one shot, “but stringing is Notcannot be 5 rackets strung together and one go.

Most of the players thought more racket would have a discount. Badminton stringing no matter you pass one or more rackets, each racket still needs the same timing to be complete with proper stringing method.

Especially for proper badminton stringing standard, need 30 to 45 minutes to complete for each racket, and mean if 40 minutes x 5 racket equals 3 hours 20 minutes to complete. As a stringer, the eyes are incredibly tiring and hurt.

Our advice is, check the price list from the stringer; if you feel the cost is affordable to you, make an appointment; if not, look for other badminton stringing services that you feel willing to pay.

Lastly, we hope you can learn something on top of these 4 scenes of badminton stringing in Singapore. If you have more questions, you can drop us an email via contact form, and we will reply to you soonest. Thank you!

Thank you for reading