How to choose badminton stringing pattern? When you are here, must be always got confusing about stringing pattern spreading around on the internet. Or probably got confused different story by different stringers, players or friends. They might told you this stringing pattern can make a huge different, or advantage and disadvantage, annoying right?Yes. We feel it the same, as our Certified Stringer also one of the badminton lover holding a Certified Badminton Coach in Singapore. And every different person will told you that some pattern good, and some are not, so sick of this. You couldn’t find out the right answer for stringing pattern.

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What is stringing pattern?

Badminton stringing pattern is so call “Stringing Method” in term of how to complete the string strung on the racket frame. In current stringing industry they can be various type of stringing pattern. We will grab the the most common stringing pattern is which using in Singapore is Yonex 4 knots, Li-Ning 2 knots, Victor 2 knots, Around the world 2 knots, and haribito 2 knots and many more.

And the meaning of stringing pattern is how they start and end the string pattern weave like a road map to make the overall frame of the badminton racket being complete strung. In simple way to explain the stringing pattern is just how the string run through and complete your racket frame grommets numbers with main and cross. There can be many to complete the stringing, pattern more than badminton, this is true.

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Why do you need stringing pattern?

Get better playing experiences, protection on racket frame, stringing quality, consistency of stringbed, string performance.

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Hidden fact of Stringing Pattern?

Now, since you are here, we will tell you the truth of stringing pattern or we call it stringing method is the same thing. Is that really important, and can these matter improve your game? Including the facts of why there are so many stringing pattern outside in the market, why so many stringer in the internet tell you the different story for stringing pattern, and you will get the right answer here with no hidden facts. If you really able to understand overall this what we are written, your life in badminton for stringing will change become more easier for you, and of course become smarter.

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Why so many stringing pattern in badminton?

We can see many stringing pattern in badminton, and most of the stringing pattern come with a brand behind the stringing pattern. Why? Simple, they are trying to make the unique stringing pattern for their own brand to attract more customer and player believe on their brand. Especially in this market is very small, due to this is not everyone need, which this stuff only for people who play badminton.

Every badminton brand are trying hard

So every badminton brand is trying hard to promote their own product, feature, including stringing pattern. Therefore, you can see there are so many new and old stringing pattern in the market and lead you confusing. Especially in Singapore 99% of badminton players badminton stringing is not so particular in stringing pattern. What these player are focusing on? They will more concerning on stringing cost, string model, high tension, how fast the stringing can complete. Is this a good sign? definitely not.

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Is stringing pattern can help to strengthen your play?

Every badminton player hoping that the stringing pattern can help them play better in their games. But sadly to say, NO. Stringing pattern cannot help you on these, as we have mention just now, stringing pattern is just a “weapon” that to attract more customer with their trust and confident to keep using their brand of product. Honestly, to a experiences badminton stringer, no matter what stringing pattern they use for the stringing, end yo all the stringing work output will about same. If their basic foundation of stringing is well develop. What is same output? It’s mean the stringbed stiffness, tension set and overall stringbed consistency feeling when the player using it in court is more less the same. Of course machine type, stringing tools and many factors during stringing will causes the different, but as of now we are talking about the stringing pattern.

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Certified stringing for Certain brand and stringing method can be trust?

If a stringer that told you his stringing pattern is good from a branded brand, from any country, and stringing method is unique or better than others, and they are certified in any certification for the pattern or something, this is just a marketing label, and this is useless if you stand on the point of badminton player. Why? We have mention on the previous tittle, if a stringer is experiences, what kind of stringing method to them is nothing, and their hand technique will come out the same output. What if they told you that this stringing pattern more safe, or adding more sweet spot for the racket, or enhance more power of smash, the overall stringbed more consistent, increase protection or lifetime for the racket frame.

Can we believe?

Please believe, this rubbish, if it’s not rubbish, this is totally non related to the badminton player or user of the racket. If they told you this way, throw a question to them, for instance, how many percent can increase for the power of smash by using your stringing method? How big is the sweet spot increase, how long is the increase protection can be increase for racket frame? They will stop to promote or maybe he will tell you how many people using their method and this is real. No, ask them to show data of repeatability test, what tools you use it to measure or how you get the result, otherwise don’t believe on this too much, waste time.

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Can the player feel if when stringing pattern increase features?

Can we really feel it when some stringer told you the stringing pattern is unique, can increase power or this and that? No. If there is a really different on the stringing he did, this is not due to the stringing pattern, is the basic foundation of the stringer for stringing is well built. Not related to stringing pattern almost at all, of course the stringing method must be in proper way run with the right road map, this is too simple and we don’t talk about this. And as a racket owner or player, have you feel that all the stringing method when we use after stringing, the feeling is about the same when using on court? The only changes is maybe just about little stiffer or softer of the stringbed when you are using same string and tension.

What is the best advice?

So don’t waste time to see all this stringing pattern can help you. Look for a reliable stringer instead stringer pattern. Aside of this, what we wanted to say is, as a badminton player or even a leisure player, we don’t need to trust the comment from anyone, we should try and feel is our own, how is the feel when you are using the racket stringing from the stringer. Regardless from a non-certified stringer, or a professional stringer from a nice brand. Don’t care about they are a big sport shop with certification, if you feel the stringing is good to use from anyone of these, go ahead and stay with them, everyone have different feel, this is beyond the so call “professional” control. No point stick to the shop that so call professional but you feel uncomfortable when using their stringing or service, must change!