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Badminton Stringing Machine – Tension System Calibration for Yonex Protech 8 Computer Machine

ERR has the correct Badminton Stringing Machine. Therefore Eric can produce quality badminton stringing. This is very important.


ERR’s Badminton Stringing Machine’s tension system is ISO/IEC 17025 accredited. It is calibrated and traceable. This makes sure that the accuracy is always correct.


This is very important for National Competitive players. They must be able to use the racket with confidence.


Common badminton stringing tension is between 24 – 32 lbs. The machine is calibrated every 6 months.

Calibration Certificate for Tension System Yonex Protech 8 

ERR always send their machine for calibration every 6 months. This is because ERR always do restringing for National Players and Higher Level Players.


By using Professional Badminton Stringing method, the rackets have equal tension throughout.


Every morning, Eric will do cleaning, tension check and YONEX COMPUTER auto calibration for 10 minutes before doing restringing.


He also does Clamp Cleaning in humidity controlled room. The room is set at between 19* – 21*. This ensures that the strings are perfectly expanded. If the temperature is too warm, the string will be brittle.


The YONEX PROTECH 8 Computer Stringing Machine is one the world’s most accurate machine. Nevertheless, ERR still send the machine for calibration


Download full Calibration Certificate of our stringing machine.

calibration certificate yonex protech 8 digital stringing machine
Clamp tools Set Badminton Stringing Calibration

The Clamp of the stringing machine is one of the most important thing. It can affect the racket’s restring output performance.


Badminton Stringing Clamp is used to secure the string after pulling tension from the tension head.


After much usage, the Clamp will either become too loose or tight. That is why we send it for YEARLY calibration.


If the Clamp becomes too loose, the tension will not be able to maintain its tautness. This will definitely affect the racket restringing result.


If the Clamp is too tight, the string will be hurt. This will also affect the durability of the string.

Calibration Certificate for String System Clamp Yonex Protech 8

The string system works perfectly after every calibration.


ERR has both National and Ex-National Players as their members. We are committed to make sure our badminton restring and machine is of best quality.


Why do we need to send for calibration? Clamp tools is just as important even though we have the worlds’ best stringing machine from YONEX.


By sending for calibration, we are assured that the Clamp is always in tip top condition. During calibration, Smart Scope MVP 250 is used to check the accuracy of the clamp


The Clamp tools calibration is set from 0.55 – 0.6gm. This is the gauge used in badminton racket restring.


Eric believe that the world’s thinnest badminton string, KIZUNA Z58 premium will be launched soon. Therefore, he applied for 0.55 for his 2018 calibration.


Download full Calibration Certificate of our YONEX CLAMP STRING SYSTEM.

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Our Yonex Protech 8 Stringing Machine Description

YOEX PROTECH 8 Stringing Machine is a state of art Electronic Stringing Machine manufactured in Japan. PROTECH 8 is used exclusively by Yonex International Stringing Team and trusted by Tournament professionals.


This machine can be relied on for accurate stringing operations. It also delivers world class reliability and has Multi-Voltage functions.


It also delivers more accurate and better usability. The Touch Screen (Diablo) is able to produce string tension to within 0.5 lbs. Thus we are able to accommodate to our players’ different requirements.


The position of the mounting area allows us to string more than 30,000 rackets due to better mechanism.


The new tilting mechanism can be tilted between 0 to 15degrees. The stringer can adjust the angle to his own comfort.


The mounting system has an ultra-secure 6-point on the frame. There are also 3 separate tension activation switches. Just one touch and the clamp bases will be released. This is very convenient for the stringer.


There is a large work tray with non-slip coating. It contains extra tools and lightweight aluminium string claps


A premium tool kit is also included with the YONEX PROTECH 8 Stringing Machine