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Badminton Stringing in Jurong Singapore

Badminton stringing machine, the accuracy, repeatability, K-Factor and uncertainty is that important? For us, yes.
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Yonex Protech 8 – Badminton Stringing Machine

ERR has been using the best stringing machine Yonex Protech 8 Series to serve all types of players in Singapore. But if only rely on the stringing machine itself is still not enough. Why? Every stringing machine after 1 or 2 years, the accuracy will runoff for sure, mean tension is not accurate anymore.To make sure we able to produce excellent accuracy of badminton stringing services, we need calibration for our stringing machine. What is calibration? Calibration is one of the services that similar totesting equipment and instrument. ERR needs to make sure the stringing machine that use to serve members must be within tolerance against the manufacturer’s accuracy. We found that to produce a good quality badminton stringing, calibration is very important. So, our badminton stringing machine “Yonex tension head” was sent to the calibration laboratory every 6 months for re-calibration. 

calibration-certificate-yonex-protech-8-digital-stringing-machine ERR Badminton Stringing 2020

Stringing Machine Tension Head Calibration Certificate

Send out for calibration is good for us because we need a third parties verification to make sure our stringing machine is working well. Also, from here, we learn something new about the calibration laboratory; there is a lot of laboratory in the market, but which is the Singapore government recognizing one? 

The answer is here; it’s SAC Lab who accredited to ISO/IEC 17025standard. We call it the SAC calibration laboratory if located in Singapore, overseas call it iLAC. This calibration for the stringing machine is important for us to provide a better stringing service. We have received many good feedback from badminton lovers, competitive and national players that our stringing is feel good and different from others, enjoy much on the hitting feel.

Also, we requested the “calibration set point” at 24 to 32 lbs/pounds for our tension head. This range is more specific for us to make sure the accuracy is excellent. Every morning, our certified stringer will perform cleaning, tension check with a tester, and YONEX tension head warm-up for 10 minutes before doing restringing.

Yonex appears this warming up function before startup is an important reason behind, but long story. Have you realized that most of the stringing machines do not have this function? So to him, this step must be done daily before stringing badminton.

Badminton-Stringing-Machine-Singapore-ERR-Badminton-Restring-Jurong-2020 ERR Badminton Stringing 2020

Stringer + Stringing Machine = Way to Balance in Badminton Stringing

Aside from warm-up the stringing machine, the next part is clamp need to be cleaning daily. Is string clamp affect the quality of stringing?  To a “layman,” of course not. But to us, yes, it does affect much. We already have a good machine, if without the person who have proper knowledge to control it, it will fail too. 

The stringing machine is only a part of stringing work needs, meaning we have stringing machine doesn’t mean we can produce good quality of badminton stringing. If we got the machine, but without proper stringing knowledge, we won’t be successful for sure. In ERR, our Certified Stringer knows how to balance between machine and stringing skills to ensure that the strings are perfectly expanded.

We are not just rely on the expensive stringing machine and send for calibration mean everything is fine. If so, YONEX PROTECH 8 Stringing Machine is one of the world’s most accurate machine, why still need to waste so much money for calibration? Because we understand that “world no.1” it’s just a marketing label, and we need data to proof. Quote an example, a fastest Ferrari engine after using sometime also needs to send for service, right? This is why calibration is required for stringing machine. 

Download full Calibration Certificate of our stringing machine tension head.

racket-restringing-certified-stringing ERR Badminton Stringing 2020

Badminton Stringing Tools – Calibration of Clamp

The Clamp of the stringing machine is one of the essential parts in stringing service. It can affect the racket stringing quality good or bad. In general, the stringing clamp is use to secure the string after pulling tension from the tension head. After much usage, the Clamp will either become loose.

Allow us to go into more technically; even if the clamp “arrow” is pointing at the middle 12 o’clock, it’s doesn’t mean the clamp tightness is working well. We got a case that happened years ago that our clamp “teeth” inner was ware and tare, but the arrow pointer of clamp lock adjustment is still pointing at the middle 12 o’clock. 
The lucky thing is we detected early and replace the new one. That is why we willing to spent the cost for yearly calibration to make sure the condition is good. In general if the Clamp becomes too loose, the tension will not be able to maintain its tautness. Secondly if the Clamp is too tight, the string will be hurt, and this will also affect the durability of the string. So, this is the reason why we mentioned the clamp will definitely affect the badminton stringing quality. 

racket-restring-clamp-calibration-certificate-2018-due-2019 ERR Badminton Stringing 2020

Stringing Clamp Calibration Certificate

Our Certified Stringer has to check every calibration point by referring to the calibration certificate to ensure the result is good. By sending for calibration, we are assured that the clamp is always within accepted tolerance. 

The calibration point of Clamp is set from 0.55 to 0.60mm. This is the gauge range using the most in badminton string. In 2018, the world’s thinnest badminton string, KIZUNA Z58 premium was launched. Therefore, Eric has included a new calibration point of 0.55mm in calibration for his stringing machine.

From 2007 to 2020, ERR currently has both National and Ex-National Players as part of ERR members in Singapore. We are committed to all our members that deliver the better stringing quality according the international tournament stringing standard. 

Download the full Calibration Certificate of our YONEX STRINGING CLAMP  SYSTEM.

Badminton-Stringing-Machine-ERR-Badminton-Restring-Jurong-2020 ERR Badminton Stringing 2020

Manufacturer of YONEX PROTECH 8 Series Stringing Machine

YONEX PROTECH 8 Stringing Machine is a state of art Electronic Stringing Machine manufactured in Japan. PROTECH 8 is used exclusively by Yonex International Stringing Team and trusted by Tournament professionals.

This machine can be relied on for accurate stringing operations. It also delivers world class reliability and has Multi-Voltage functions.

It also delivers more accurate and better usability. The Touch Screen (Diablo) is able to produce string tension to within 0.5 lbs. Thus we are able to accommodate to our players’ different requirements.

Badminton-Stringing-machine-Yonex-by-ERR-Badminton-Restring-Jurong-ERR Badminton Stringing 2020


The position of the mounting area allows us to string more than 30,000 rackets due to better mechanism.

The new tilting mechanism can be tilted between 0 to 15degrees. The stringer can adjust the angle to his own comfort.

The mounting system has an ultra-secure 6-point on the frame. There are also 3 separate tension activation switches. Just one touch and the clamp bases will be released. This is very convenient for the stringer.

There is a large work tray with non-slip coating. It contains extra tools and lightweight aluminium string claps

A premium tool kit is also included with the YONEX PROTECH 8 Stringing Machine.

Lastly, how you feel after reading overall review on badminton stringing machine? Drop us an email if you have any question. Thank you for your time.

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