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Prokennex Badminton Grip

By ERR Badminton Stringing

Badminton grip Prokennex is one of the famous grip tapes that using by professional badminton players.

Prokennex Badminton Grip Tape

Badminton grip Prokennex is one of the famous grip tape that using by professional badminton player.

The benefit of the racket grip tape is the durability and the quality of the grip are surely better. The comfortable cushion has chosen by competitive badminton player. High PU badminton grip from Prokennex is one of the top brand in badminton grip industry.

Additionally the racket grip tape customize for all the badminton player who love PU grip and tacky overgrip. The tattoo design is one of the way to prevent slip when the grip are getting sweat ,also the grip made by high cushion material with dry fast technology.

The thickness of the racket grip from 0.6 to 1.15mm for different badminton player. The Prokennex grip tape suitable for all level of badminton player. The badminton grip tape is enhance long durability and control absorption rate.

No matter in what level in badminton. Prokennex grip tape provide the high quality and perfect confidence feels and help you create the winning touch for your games. We highly recommended all the badminton player to use high quality grip tape especially for PU badminton grip also tacky wrap overgrip.

All Prokennex grip tape are made by super comfort cushion to ensure all the badminton player able to control the games until to the end.

In term of outlook Prokennex grip tape has came out with different color of grip to match all the badminton racket.

For this tattoo badminton grip is famous grip choose by competitive badminton player who play for 3-4 days in a week.

The grip technology has high fast dry material which today use and will dry on the next day.

Most of the badminton grip even karakal when time to slippy no matter how to dry it will still slippy and not able to use anymore.

This Prokennex badminton wrap has strong cushion feel which protect our finger bone when facing high rally in the game.

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