We will guide you to choose the right badminton string, get what you really want, get the right feeling in badminton court.

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Badminton Racket String Guide: Choose the right string, play better!

How to choose the right badminton string?

Choosing the right badminton string actually for the casual player can be a difficult part as there are too many string brands, types, and names that can confuse them. In fact to choose the string that suits your playing style is not that difficult for a player. But in Singapore, most of the casual players 90% don’t know about string. However, in this article, the main purpose is to help to bring the knowledge in how to choose badminton string if you are a casual or professional player. When you send a badminton racket for stringing, the first important thing is

1. Know what requirement of the string you want

This is very important, you must know what you want! For example, some of the casual players need more durable strings which can last longer not easily broken. Or they want the string to be more repulsive, better hitting sound, or both. Badminton string in a simple way known is the string “gauge thickness“, as long as you know the thickness of the string, this can basically help you identify almost all of the string features. The thickness range normally is between 0.57 to 0.72mm. In general understanding, thicker will be more durable, thinner will be more repulsion, but easily break.

2. What is the common mistake casual player did when choosing badminton string

The most common mistake from the casual player when selecting the string is always looking at the name of the string instead of thickness. For example, many casual players misunderstand that the string name means “something”, like Yonex “BG80 POWER” which means the string is power, is good. NO, this is the most common mistake a beginner or casual player did end up the string not suitable for them and they don’t even know what happen. Always remember, string name is only a “label”, so when choosing the badminton string, the first thing should look at the thickness.

3. Why thickness is important for badminton string

Most of the badminton string brands will come out range thickness for their brand, just like Yonex from 0.61 to 70mm. So if you know the string thickness, you can easily know what you need, as mentioned just now, the thinner string can provide more hitting sound and repulsion, but durability-wise is not that good. Thicker string gauge can provide more durability (Mean last longer), but hitting sound and repulsion is not that good too, so nothing is perfect, choose either one you need the most. For example some casual players like thinner string, but break within a short period easily so they are forced to use thicker string to reduce the cost of stringing.

5. What is the benefit of choosing the thicker badminton string

Firstly definitely is durability, some of the players prefer thicker badminton string due to the string broken period is too fast, maybe every 2 weeks broken one time. So they prefer thicker string, and some of the cases like the casual player at the very beginner stage in terms of skill level, easily hit the wrong sweet spot broken string, they need to increase thicker string as well. The thicker string range can be from 0.67 to 0.72mm. Some parents want their kid’s racket can last longer, thicker string also can help with this. Or some casual players are playing at outdoor, sometimes they can break the string easily if they accidentally rub the frame on the floor which pickup shuttlecock, increase thicker string gauge will benefit longer durability toom, of course for us we will ask the person install an outdoor tape too if they insist choosing thinner string.

6. Is thinner badminton string easily break

No, not really, in general, if the thicker string is much more durable, but if thinner stringer easily break. But they are an exception, for example, if a casual player they have reached a certain level, in term of badminton skill, good consistency, or even they have no strength, set the right tension the string can last longer. We have a group of badminton players, they are all badminton coaches, all well trained in badminton, when they strung thinner string like Yonex BG66 Ultimax, they can at least last for 2 months if play every week. So if you prefer more repulsion, better hitting sound and you feel every 2 months change a new fresh string no problem and enjoy, you are good to go with. We ever saw some casual player play 6 months break the string, still come back and mention the string is not durable. This depends on how the player determines the badminton string lifespan.

7. How to choose a good brand for badminton string

They are tons of big and small brands in the market selling badminton string, Yonex, Victor, Li-Ning, Kizuna, Gosen, Addidas, and many more coming out. This is confusing for many casual players, but to be honest, the brand is not an important part. Other than this big brand, there is a lot of good string with the reasonable cost in the market, some people prefer Yonex, and some prefer small brand like Kizuna or another brand, as every individual have a different favorite of string. This is a good sign, the brand is nothing, in fact, the brand is not important. The important thing is whether the string is good for you after you try on it! And since you already know, thickness is the main priority part for you to choose the right string. No matter what features wrote on the packing if both brands are different but the thickness is the same, the gap will not have much difference, just that the “feel” depending you like it or not. So there is no “good brand” badminton string, choose the string that you feel comfortable with.

8. What should if my badminton string is kept broken

First, you have to know what is the problem causing the string to keep breaking. For our common cases, some players break easily due to hitting the wrong sweet spot, hitting points too high causing broken “too rush” to hit the shuttlecock. In some cases are they playing outdoor, so accidentally rubbing the frame and string on the floor during picking up the shuttlecock caused a break. After identifying the problem, you can easily solve the issue with the stringer, for our cases like if they play outdoor, we will recommend them to install an outdoor tape, or hitting point is too high, we will either recommend the player change longer grommet or thicker string. If the broken string is not this either two mentioned, due to personal strength is good, we will recommend thicker string too. The important thing is when you need to seek stringer advice, when the string is broken, take a photo before cutting the string off so that the stringer can advise you better.

9. Can the badminton string help me increase my skill or power

In general, to beginners, no. Even you choose the right badminton string, the string only can let you feel “better” but will definitely not increase your skill, example, you don’t know smash or know a little about smash, after you choose the right string, you can smash better, no, impossible. But for the casual player who has attended proper badminton training before, have a so-called “normal” basic foundation, this player if chosen the right string, can help them to play even better because these level of player can feel the difference and determine the string is good or not suitable. For beginners due to lacking badminton skill foundation, they have difficulty feeling the difference, please remember badminton skill and string is a different topic. So in general, badminton string will not help to increase badminton skill or power.