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Welcome to ERR Badminton Restring Jurong (SG)

Badminton Restring by ERR Badminton Restring has been in the West area of Singapore for the past 6 years since 2012.


ERR Badminton restring focus mainly in badminton restring adopting certified stringing procedure. Sensible way of stringing pattern is used.


For the past 7 years, ERR Badminton Restring has been restringing for STBA students and adult competitive players.


Our students will be able to make use of the professional standard of our Certified stringing method’s restringing ability and experience.


During our restringing process, we always give between 3 to 4 sec between each string and before doing the next string. The reason being string takes time to expand and this is to make sure that all the tension in the strings across the whole racket is even.


This way, player will enjoy the racket to its best as the tension on the racket is evenly spread out. That is why it will take approximately more than 30 mins for each racket.

Badminton Restring in Singapore ( Jurong East / West )

Why does he need to give the wait between 3 to 4 sec in between the strings? Nylon strings needs time to expand to certain lengths in order to achieve the required tension.


This will ensure that the tension of your racket will remain taut for a long time.


Nylon string is just the same as rubber band —consistent pulling will make them lose their form.


The thickness of the string is also another factor. If a thin string (high repulsion) is used, it will lose tension much faster compared to a thick string. This in a way also helps our customer to protect their racket.


Therefore, our Certified Badminton Stringer is only able to string 8 badminton rackets a day. Each badminton restringing process will take about 30 to 45 minutes to complete.


We promise our customers that all restringing will follow the International Tournament racket restringing standard. Only empty racket frame is allowed to be put into machine for restringing.

badminton restring in New Zealand eric chuar certified stringer_NZ Badminton Restring Experience 2019 by ERR Badminton Restring Singapore
Professional Stringer Eric Chuar Badminton Restring Jurong

ERR has a NO Pre-String method (Pre-weave) —Firstly, as doing this will critically damage the string and also the durability.


Secondly, it will affect the consistency of the tension and in return will not be able to meet the request of the owner regards his preferred tension


Most of the International badminton players like Kento Momota, Tai Tzu Ying, Lin Dan. Malaysia Lee Chong Wei and Shi Yuqi also prefer this method instead of the pre-string method.


There are 3 reasons why ERR insist on empty frame racket before putting into machine and they are:-


1.By putting empty racket frame into machine, the durability of the racket will be extended


2.The string tension will be firmer with equal consistency which in turn the owner will find it so much easier to hit the shuttle cock


3.There will be no Stick String or Cross Stack String as they will hurt the inner nylon string. It will also greatly reduce the tension’s durability and consistency.

Badminton restring Jurong Point | professional knots

We also promise our ERR members 4 things and they are:-


1.We will make sure that the racket frame won’t change much before and after restringing. This is one of the stringing standard a racket stringer must adhere to always


2.The paintwork on racket remains intact (No scratches on the paintwork of the racket)


3.During restringing, utmost care is taken to assure that the string is not hurt. Nylon string contains a lot of very fine silk-like threads inside. If not handled properly, will be twisted/twirled. Once that happens the player will feel uncomfortable when using the racket


4.We make sure that the tension throughout the whole racket frame is equal


ERR has kept all the above promises to their members since 2012 until today 2020. ERR also intend to upkeep these promises as long as they are in business. If any Stack String is found, FULL REFUND will be given on the spot. Thus we also insist that our customers check their rackets before leaving.

Professional badminton restring Jurong _Racket Restring ERR
Racket Restring Jurong_No Stack String Badminton Restring ERR
No Stack / Stick String | Right Track of Racket Restring Jurong

We will share our knowledge with our customers and at the same time educate them.


Giving advise on them what string is suitable, including the string tension and model of the string to every type of players.


We believe in sharing good tips and information so that all our customers can benefit.


We always advise our customers as to what tension is most suitable to them according to their game skill, velocity at impact, etc.


This way our customers will be able to enjoy playing badminton and this is what we aim to do all the time.


We concern about quality more than profit margin, so all our badminton string sets will be only made in Japan.


All our ERR member badminton racket will be only string with Yonex Protech World No.1 String Machine. String tools will be only use Yonex high accuracy stringing tools set from japan.

International Tournament Racket Stringing Standard Singapore

Although we are using the World’s No. 1 YONEX PROTECH stringing machine, we still follow the Professional International Stringing Standard.


This is because a lot of International Players like Lin Dan, Kento Momota, Shi Yuqi gave good feedback on this standard.


All our ERR members have been enjoying this certified stringing method since 2012.


For the last 10 years, Our badminton Stringer is always learning new methods. By improving his skills, our customers will also greatly benefit.


Eric Chuar, our Professional Stringer always insist that there should not be any shortcuts when restringing a racket just to save a few dollars


There SHOULD NOT be any shortcuts when restringing a racket just to save a few dollars. He always insist on the correct way of badminton restringing, following the International Tournament Standard.

Badminton Restring_Certified Stringer_Eric Chuar _Jurong
Badminton Restring in Jurong Singapore ERR
Badminton stringing Taman Jurong | Calibrated Yonex Stringing machine 

Different stringing method will affect the badminton restring result. Hence, our ERR Certified Stringer will always to his utmost knowledge determine which racket stringing pattern will suit best.


The quality of the string also play an important part. We only use Japanese brand.


When used together with our YONEX PROTECH PLUS the skill of our Certified Stringer. The results of string will be a racket that will be enjoyed thoroughly.


Before using our YONEX PROTECH, we always clean the clamp and track, do tension test before restringing.


Our YONEX PROTECH has been tested and calibrated by ISO/IEC 17025 Singlas Standard Laboratory, Singapore This Certificate is traceable should the need arise due to the machine’s inaccuracy, etc.


Our badminton stringer is not only qualified as a Certified Badminton Stringer but is also a Certified Badminton Coach in Singapore.

Badminton Restring ( SG )

ERR Racket Restring – Jurong

273A Jurong West Ave 3, Singapore 641273

Phone : (65) 8649 9834

WhatsApp : (65) 8649 9834

It is advisable to call us for an appointment before sending your racket over. In the meantime, our badminton stringer will be able to arrange a slot for your racket restring in advance.


We are open to any badminton tournaments in 2020 which requires a badminton restringing service on site. Please contact us at


At the same time, as usual, for all ERR members, competitive badminton players and badminton lover, please feel free to refer to our badminton string list. Our prices range from $10 – $20



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