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badminton restring err singapore racket restring
Welcome to ERR Badminton Restring (SG)

ERR Badminton restring mainly located at West area in Singapore over 6 years since 2012.


Our ERR badminton restring mainly focus in badminton restring with certified stringing procedure and sensible way stringing pattern.


For the past 6 years ERR badminton restring only provided to STBA student and adult competitive player.


This to cover our student able to use professional standard of Certified Stringer restringing. Why? Mainly to ensure they able to hit the shuttlecock without any excuses according to Mr.Eric Chuar.


Hence, our Certified Badminton Stringer only able to string 8 badminton racket everyday. Every badminton restringing process will took around 30 to 45 minutes to complete.

Badminton Restring in Singapore ( Jurong East / West )

We prefer pull every string 3-4 second speed to make sure the string expanded equally gentle. Why?


To put it differently our certified stringer will perform with accurate requested tension and consistent technique on each string duration approximately took more than half and hour each badminton restringing.


why so long? when we pull the string from racket to the electronic stringing machine. Now’s day the string technology are mostly made by nylon. So the string actually need time to expand into certain length to secure the tension especially 24, 26, 28, 30 and 32lbs.


From the day of the after restring even we not use the racket and keep the racket. The string tension will still loosing everyday even not use.


Why? Due to nylon string technology just same as rubber band concept. Rubber band when you keep pulling is will become bigger and bigger will not be recover.


String when you using the thinner string so call high repulsion string ,it will loose tension much more faster than thick string. So this is the reason why we always help our customer to protect their racket

Racket Restring Singapore
Professional Stringer Eric Chuar Badminton Restring Jurong

We cover our ERR member for all the badminton restring must be follow the international tournament racket restringing standard which is empty racket frame up to machine only start for restring.


ERR strictly no pre-string method which put the string on the racket before place up at stringing machine. Why ?


Pre-String method as known will critically damage the string effect the durability for first.


Secondly will effect the consistency of tension which mean tension(lbs) request by racket owner will not accurate present.


Apart from this ,ERR follow international tournament standard as per all the highest international badminton player preference. Kento Momota , Tai Tzu Ying , Lin Dan, Lee Chong wei , Shi Yuqi choosing this stringing method instead of pre-string method .


There must be a reason behind why need to empty racket frame up to machine method. We aim positive to our ERR member, which is empty blank frame up to restring able to extend longer durability for the first.


Secondly string tension will be more firm and consistent tension request. Thirdly no stick string as per above caused.

Badminton restring Jurong Point | professional knots

No matter in what stringing pattern ,ERR cover our existing member in professional restring standard including knots.


All along we promise to our ERR member racket restring with 3 promises. The first thing we will make sure remain the racket frame shape not changed much before and after racket restring.


Why ? This is one of the international stringing standard as a good stringer to protect racket condition. Secondly is not damage the racket condition including painting on the racket.


Thirdly is not to hurt the string during racket restringing process. Why ? Once the string damaged no matter even completed the restring, the racket will not feel comfortable to play.


This is the reason why empty racket frame up to machine restring are important. Lastly is the tension on racket frame must be average been distributed.


This responsibility held by ERR since 2012 and until today the promises and still keep on to cover ERR member in their badminton restring.

Professional badminton restring Jurong _Racket Restring ERR
Racket Restring Jurong_No Stack String Badminton Restring ERR
No Stack / Stick String | Right Track of Racket Restring 

All along our ERR member some of them are still newer or new into badminton games. When they send the first racket to us totally have no idea for any badminton restring knowledge.


Or some of them are all along string by other stringer. They always have no much experience on badminton restring and just follow the old request. Previously string 26lbs come now 26lbs.


We have give them a some information including how to choose tension and how to check our work after we done for our badminton restring.


By the same way of the the important thing is stick string or cross stack string . Stack string will hurt the inner string nylon and reduce the durability and tension consistency.


For the past 6 years our certified stringer strongly aware of this. Also we strictly insist our ERR member to check their racket before leaving .


If found any stack string will be fully refund.

International Tournament Racket Stringing Standard 

Although we are using the world no.1 Yonex Protech stringing machine to perform racket restring services for all the ERR member.


But ERR still follow the professional international stringing standard to perform racket restring for every badminton restring.


Why follow international standard ? As all the standard are tested and verified and good feedback by numerous of international player example like Lin Dan, Kento Momota, Shi Yuqi all the professional player.


We cover our existing ERR member in certified stringing method since 2012. Ensure all the stringing are up to standard to let them have pure confidence during in games.


Our certified stringer for the past 10 years until today never stop learning latest information from badminton and knowledge to cover ERR member.


Our Certified Stringer Mr.Eric Chuar said “No matter how high is the expenses  in Singapore. Strictly no excuses to short cut on every racket restring.”


“ERR strictly follow the right way of badminton restring  according to international tournament standard. ”


“Of course with reasonable price until the day close down for all the badminton lover.”

Badminton Restring_Certified Stringer_Eric Chuar _Jurong
Racket Restring Jurong Badminton Restring Jurong West ERR
Badminton stringing Taman Jurong | Calibrated  Yonex Stringing machine 

Expect stringing technique will effect the badminton restring result. In general our ERR Certified Stringer will determine the racket technology to perform individual stringing pattern on every badminton racket.


Following the string quality also play a part ,so our string model and brand only Japan material preferred. Even so our stringing machine also one of the important gear that to ensure the racket restring process go smooth.


Consequently our stringer prefer to perform cleaning on the clamp and track, tension test before start restring. Our stringing machine are tested and calibrated by ISO/IEC 17025 Singlas Standard Laboratory Singapore.


Once the testing are done within out of accuracy and tolerance, the certificate will be issued traceable to national international standard.


Our badminton stringer are qualified in Certified Badminton Stringer and Certified Stringer training.