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badminton restring err singapore racket restring
Welcome to ERR Badminton Restring (SG)

ERR Badminton restring mainly located at West area in Singapore over 6 years since 2012.


Our ERR badminton restring mainly focus in badminton restring with certified stringing procedure and sensible way stringing pattern.


For the past 6 years ERR badminton restring only provided to STBA student and adult competitive player.


This to cover our student able to use professional standard of Certified Stringer restringing. Why? Mainly to ensure they able to hit the shuttlecock without any excuses according to Mr.Eric Chuar.


Hence, our Certified Badminton Stringer only able to string 8 badminton racket everyday. Every badminton restringing process will took around 30 to 45 minutes to complete.

Badminton Restring in Singapore

We prefer pull every string 3-4 second speed to make sure the string expanded equally gentle. Why?


To put it differently our certified stringer will perform with accurate requested tension and consistent technique on each string duration approximately took more than half and hour each badminton restringing.


why so long? when we pull the string from racket to the electronic stringing machine. Now’s day the string technology are mostly made by nylon. So the string actually need time to expand into certain length to secure the tension especially 24, 26, 28, 30 and 32lbs.


From the day of the restring even we not use the racket just place it at one place. The string tension will loosing everyday due to nylon string technology just same as rubber concept.

Racket Restring Singapore
Badminton Restinging Singapore ERR
Badminton stringing pattern, string quality and machine Calibrated combination

Expect stringing technique will effect the badminton restring result. In general our ERR Certified Stringer will determine the racket technology to perform individual stringing pattern on every badminton racket.


Following the string quality also play a part ,so our string model and brand only Japan material preferred. Even so our stringing machine also one of the important gear that to ensure the racket restring process go smooth.


Consequently our stringer prefer to perform cleaning on the clamp and track, tension test before start restring. Our stringing machine are tested and calibrated by ISO/IEC 17025 Singlas Standard Laboratory Singapore.


Once the testing are done within out of accuracy and tolerance, the certificate will be issued traceable to national international standard.


Our badminton stringer are qualified in Certified Badminton Stringer and Certified Stringer training.